Atlona’s AT-UHD-PRO3-88M HDMI to HDBaseT is the Ultra Solution Matrix Switcher for 4K/UHD Signals.

As expected, 4K/UHD products continue to make their way to our homes, our businesses and our lives. The transition from 1080p to 4K/UHD will take years while consumers are still learning what 4K/UHD is all about. On the other hand, developers, designers, and other businesses in the AV industry have to be 2 to 3 steps ahead of everyone else when it […]

The powerful and sophisticated AT-HDCAT-8ED HDMI Distribution Amplifier by Atlona will extend your Audio Visual experience up to 330 feet.

Atlona’s AT-HDCAT-8ED HDMI Distribution Amplifier is a product for the ages. When talking about one source going to many displays, we are inclined to recommend the AT-HDCAT-8ED. The AT-HDCAT-8ED is a powerful HDMI Distribution Amplifier that is capable of transmitting 1080p resolution over a single CAT5e/6/7 up to 330 ft. Utilizing HDBaseT technology, the AT-HDCAT-8ED will allow the user to go further […]

Gefen’s 4×4 HDBaseT HDMI Matrix Switcher, the GEF-HDFST-444-4ELR is what your home and business has been waiting for.

So your home has been revamped and refurnished with the most modern appliances, bookcases, cabinets and other trendy furnishings and all you need is a new AV system to connect your HDTV’s to. If you are in such a fortunate position to spend money to upgrade your home, then we’ve got a recommendation that may be the ‘cherry on top’ for […]

The PM-8X from Purelink is a versatile Cross Platform Modular Matrix Router that can satisfy any applications needs.

Integrators in the AV industry have a challenging job of researching for the right parts to complete an already challenging project. On top of that, they also have to satisfy their customers needs and more than often there isn’t a part that can accommodate those needs. Manufacturers like Purelink recognize this as well and the progression of AV products are […]

Hall Researchs’ SC-12BT is a Multi-Format Scaler Switcher with HDBaseT Output.

Hall Research always introduces a new product at InfoComm and this year was no different. The SC-12BT is HR’s newest multi-format scaler switcher with HDBaseT output. The inputs  include 4 HDMI, 4 VGA, and 4 AV inputs. The HDBaseT output will allow transmission over a long distance of 70 meters or 230 feet. Controlling the sources is as simple as pushing any […]

Kramer’s 4K Ultra HD Certified HDBaseT Extender sets, the TP-580TXR vanguards the AV Industry towards the future and what’s to come.

Kramer Electronics has been an industry leader for many years and they continue with their innovative vision show after show. Our sister company, AVProSupply had an opportunity to visit the Kramer booth at InfoComm 2014 in Lost Wages. While at the show, they were able to interview Paul Bogan, Region Manager for Kramer and pick his brain regarding Kramer’s new 4K […]

Atlona’s AT-UHD-SYNC is the answer for all your HDMI signal failures.

So, when’s the last time you’ve had an issue with HDMI? Whether you are a technician, integrator or end user we’ve all experienced problems with HDMI cables, HDMI driven devices and HDMI signals in general. Well, with 4K UHD creating an imprint in the AV industry more issues will arise. Atlona Technologies has the answer! Introducing the AT-UHD-SYNC; Atlona’s solution […]

AT-UHD-CLSO-612 switcher scaler, Atlona’s 6 input unit with HDBaseT and mirrored HDMI output.

Simply easy to install, the AT-UHD-CLSO-612 switcher scaler was designed for classrooms with inputs at lecterns, conference rooms, tables and desks. A Source signal can travel to displays of up to 230 feet from the switcher utilizing HDBaseT inputs and outputs. Local HDMI  and multifunction analog inputs work with any source. Combines with great features such as 4K up/down scaling, […]

The highly anticipated modular matrix switcher, the AT-PRO-MXM by Atlona.

Audio Visual technology is constantly taking staggering steps towards developing unique products that suit to please many people that have different lifestyles and working environments. Manufacturers are fueled by these wants and needs of their customers and these are the same reasons manufacturers are driven to compete, advance and deliver robust technology that will perform to our hearts desire. One […]

Our new partner, SmartAVI products adds a new range of high quality products for our customers.

We, at BZB Express are very optimistic about 2014 and our existing partners. We are confident in the products we carry and our search to continue providing cutting edge products will only grow in our competitive AV market.  With that said, we are happy to announce a new partnership with  SmartAVI. SmartAVI is a home grown all American AV Manufacturer […]