The powerful and sophisticated AT-HDCAT-8ED HDMI Distribution Amplifier by Atlona will extend your Audio Visual experience up to 330 feet.

Atlona’s AT-HDCAT-8ED HDMI Distribution Amplifier is a product for the ages. When talking about one source going to many displays, we are inclined to recommend the AT-HDCAT-8ED. The AT-HDCAT-8ED is a powerful HDMI Distribution Amplifier that is capable of transmitting 1080p resolution over a single CAT5e/6/7 up to 330 ft. Utilizing HDBaseT technology, the AT-HDCAT-8ED will allow the user to go further with more by extending your audio visual experience up to 330 ft, audio from 2CH to uncompressed multi-channel any video up to 1080p while powering each receiver with the latest PoCc (power over category cable) technology. Also, this distribution amplifier has a built in local HDMI loop out, allowing cascading of up to 8 times at 1080p. Another plus is the AT-HDCAT-8ED also has an audio de-embedding feature to ensure that the audio and video will be sent to local zones.

Additional features include an optional redundant power supply, EDID learning mode for compatibility, 3D format support, locking HDMI port, firmware port for updates, wall/rack mount ears, and pass through of all lossy and lossless audio. The suggested receivers for this unit are AT-HDRX-RSNET, AT-HDWP-RSNET and AT-HDWP-RSNET-UK. For any additional questions regarding the AT-HDCAT-8ED or your current application, please contact one of our savvy representatives for assistance.