Atlona’s AT-UHD-SYNC is the answer for all your HDMI signal failures.

So, when’s the last time you’ve had an issue with HDMI? Whether you are a technician, integrator or end user we’ve all experienced problems with HDMI cables, HDMI driven devices and HDMI signals in general. Well, with 4K UHD creating an imprint in the AV industry more issues will arise. Atlona Technologies has the answer!

Introducing the AT-UHD-SYNC; Atlona’s solution for HDMI signal failures. The AT-UHD-SYNC has the ability to analyze errors and restore HDMI signals up to 4K UHD including HD digital audio. This unit does not only fix the problem, but will also report the issue from the 3 LED’s that present the state of HDCP signals, Hot Plug Detect (HPD) and 5V. Integrators can swiftly identify and fix the HDMI issue with the LED indicators.

Other features of this wonderful box are the ability to resolve intermittent video, snow, loss of video and color-space issues. The AT-UHD-SYNC can also test HDMI components, cables, identify HDCP support, and detect the presence of 5 volt and HPD signals.

BZB Express has been a valued partner of Atlona Technologies and we can answer any questions you may have regarding the AT-UHD-SYNC. Please call one of our representatives today at 888-660-2962 for more information regarding this unit.