Kramer Electronics leads the way by releasing a modular matrix switcher that can be populated up to 64×64, the VS-6464DN is available now.

Kramer Electronics has always been known for developing creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions. As it stands, Kramer continues to produce exciting new products that keep the industry on its heels. Introducing Kramer’s newly released VS−6464DN, a high−performance matrix switcher chassis for DVI & HDMI signals. The unit is modular and populated from 8×8 to […]

AVProSupply features Vanco’s HDBaseT Boost extender at CEDIA EXPO 2013.

AVProSupply, our sister company made it to the Vanco booth to get more specs on the highly talked about HDBaseT boost extender. Vanco’s HDBaseT boost is a new product that turns outdated HDMI cables into rich 2-way HDBaseT cables delivering 3D and 4K video, bi-directional IR, RS-232 control signals, and Ethernet over cables that were never designed to perform with […]

Let us welcome to the Ultra HD 4Kx2K world… Atlona’s AT-HDDA-2, AT-HDDA-4 and AT-HDDA-8.

Ultra HD (4Kx2K) has been buzzing around the industry and everyone has been awaiting for the arrival of a HDMI distribution amplifier that supports 4Kx2K. Let us welcome to the Ultra HD world, Atlona’s AT-HDDA-2, AT-HDDA-4 and AT-HDDA-8. The AT-HDDA-2, AT-HDDA-4 and AT-HDDA-8 distribution amplifiers are excellent solutions for small and medium sized showrooms and applications that promote Ultra HD […]

Atlona’s HDVS family is a new collection of HDBaseT units designed for schools, boardrooms and businesses.

Atlona Technologies continues to ride the HDBaseT wave with a new collection. Introducing the HDVS family; designed for simple low-cost systems in schools and businesses. First up, the AT-HDVS-TX-WP. This wall plate transmitter offers auto-switching between HDMI and VGA inputs. HDBaseT and power over category cable (PoCc™) allow signal and power to 230 feet (70 meters) over a single category […]

Atlona’s custom installation testing kit, the KIT-PROHD3 is still a hot commodity for integrators.

Technology ages fast, however Atlona’s KIT-PROHD3 custom installation kit has conquered the test of time. CEDIA EXPO 2013 at Denver unveiled the newest products in the industry and the KIT-PROHD3 continues to be a star at the show. Integrators and installers are still impressed at what the kit can do. The Atlona KIT-PROHD3 is designed to diagnose digital connectivity issues […]

The AT-PRO3HD66M by Atlona is nominated by CEPro as 2013’s BEST Electronic Systems.

The reputation of Atlona and willingness to serve their customers with a 10 year limited warranty has driven the production of new products. The AT-PRO3HD66M is a unit that stands above against competition.   Atlona’s PRO3HD66M matrix switcher is designed to conveniently route inputs to multiple displays in order to enable users to view several sources simultaneously. The device also […]

AVProSupply features Hall Research’s HDBaseT Solutions from InfoComm 2013.

AVProSupply, our younger sibling at it again with another video. This clip was produced with Ali Haghjoo, Hall Research’s CEO at InfoComm 2013. Hall Research is part of the HDBaseT alliance leading to the future of digital connectivity. Some of the units covered on the video are UH-1BTX , UH-1BT, and UHBX-3S . For more details on availability and pricing, […]

AVProSupply, our sister company reviewing Atlona’s AT-HDCAT-8ED, AT-HDDA-4 and AT-HDDA-2 amplifiers.

AVProSupply, our sister company that was at InfoComm in Orlando Florida learned about some of the latest technology Atlona has to offer. Bill Schiripsema, Atlona’s Commercial Product Manager discusses the advantages of their new distribution amplifiers. A few of the models that were showcased on the video below are the AT-HDCAT-8ED, AT-HDDA-4 and AT-HDDA-2. The AT-HDDA-8 and AT-HDDA-16 are still […]

BZB Express Presents the Purelink HX-8800 PRO 8×8 HDMI Matrix Router.

PurelinkAV is a partner BZB Express is proud to be distinguished with. PureLinkAV is recognized worldwide for our market-leading and best selling line of HD Matrix Routers. We are pleased to introduce the  HX-8800 by Purelink. DESCRIPTION: The HX-8800 (8×8), PureLink’s 2nd generation routers include a feature called Standard EDID Management, providing outstanding out-of-the-box compatibility with a majority of the […]

AVProSupply, our sister company at InfoComm 2013 getting acquainted with Atlona’s wall plates. The AT-HDWP, AT-HDWP-IR, AT-HDWP-RSNET & AT-HDVS-TX-WP.

AVProSupply attended InfoComm 2013 to learn about new technology the industry has to offer. During their visit they were able to talk to Bill Schiripsema, Atlona’s Commercial Product Manager regarding the upcoming wall plates currently in production. The wall plate receivers on the video are the AT-HDWP, AT-HDWP-IR and AT-HDWP-RSNET as well as the AT-HDVS-TX-WP transmitter. These units were specifically […]