How Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras Create Easy Dynamic Shots for Live Streams

Auto-tracking PTZ cameras create dynamic live streams without the costs and complexity of video crews and equipment. These auto-tracking cameras pan, tilt, and zoom to follow their target in the designated auto-tracking viewing perimeters.

With so many challenges in the classroom professors and teachers have to deal with, worrying about camera shots and different angles only adds to the plate. Auto-tracking PTZ cameras help alleviate these distractions during distance learning and live stream broadcasts. These forms of media are combating situations of being unable to attend classes due to illnesses or other unforeseen circumstances.

BZBGEAR® Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras

BZBGEAR offers three unique auto-tracking cameras and two styles of auto-tracking for specific environments. Let’s explore each of these options.

BG-LVUPTZ-HUS | HDMI + USB 3.0 Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

The BG-LVUPTZ camera series comes in two models: BG-LVUPTZ-HUS and BG-LVUPTZ-SD. The BG-LVUPTZ-HUS has two ports of the following connection types: HDMI, USB 3.0, and LAN. This auto-tracking PTZ camera fits most classrooms because of its USB 3.0 plug and play connectivity to computers. It also has standard HDMI outputs for local displays or projectors.

BG-LVUPTZ-SD | SDI Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

Second in the BG-LVUPTZ camera series is the BG-LVUPTZ-SD. This auto-tracking PTZ camera has SDI and LAN connections with two ports each. Though this model does not offer USB 3.0 or HDMI, it is typically used in auditoriums or live events where presenters are on stage. SDI connections are perfect for longer distance signal runs.

LVUPTZ two cameras

Both models in the BG-LVUPTZ camera series incorporate two separate integrated cameras. This is why there are two video outputs with each type of connection. The secondary camera located at the base is the panoramic camera capturing the perimeter of the shooting areas for setup purposes. The main large-lens camera is responsible for the pan, tilt, and zoom of the camera. These cameras require setup and involves using both cameras with the included software program. The software selects the appropriate area to be used with the auto-tracking feature. Both cameras offer a 3.5 mm audio insertion port for mics and an RS-232 port for joystick controllers and control programs.

MAESTRO | SDI + USB 3.0 Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera

Another auto-tracking camera is actually not a PTZ camera; it’s an ePTZ camera (or electronic pan-tilt-zoom). The BG-MAESTRO has an amazing image output from its 4K Sony CMOS lens providing eight megapixels and resolutions of 1080p@60Hz. This auto-tracking ePTZ camera is great for live streaming to popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook. BG-MAESTRO also comes with software for setting up tracking areas as well as many other audio and video functions.

Connect a computer using the USB 3.0 port for easy access to conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Echo360, Skype, and Google Classrooms. The SDI connection is capable of long distance runs of 330 feet. Not only does the LAN port connect to the network for setup and IP streaming, it provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) so there is no need for an external power supply. Plug in a mic to the 3.5 mm audio input jack when applicable. BG-MAESTRO has a variety of install options and easily mounts to tripods, walls, or ceilings.


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