The highly anticipated modular matrix switcher, the AT-PRO-MXM by Atlona.

Audio Visual technology is constantly taking staggering steps towards developing unique products that suit to please many people that have different lifestyles and working environments. Manufacturers are fueled by these wants and needs of their customers and these are the same reasons manufacturers are driven to compete, advance and deliver robust technology that will perform to our hearts desire. One particular device that AV manufacturers compete to produce is a modular matrix switcher that can deliver the goods.

Introducing the first customizable modular matrix switcher from Atlona Technologies, the AT-PRO-MXM. This extraordinary unit is designed to virtually serve any wants and needs.

Atlona’s AT-PRO-MXM offers integrated signal processing, a single point of control for multiple digital or analog signal types, and a foundation for future system expansion in a configurable chassis. The development of the AT-PRO-MXM is to produce enhanced performance, greater flexibility and more control.

Let’s take a closer look at the AT-PRO-MXM

The matrix switcher has advanced beyond fixed inputs and outputs to modular, configurable, card-based inputs and outputs that can be customized for any type of project fathomable.

The Atlona AT-PRO-MXM offers superior flexibility and simplicity with a user friendly front-panel controls to a compact chassis. This modular 8×8 and 16×16 chassis can be custom-configured to meet unique specifications of residential or commercial AV systems. Engineers have also implemented  the utility to accommodate future updates. What you are getting with this unit is a quick, dependable switching with support for Ultra HD (4Kx2K) video, analog audio, lossless digital audio and and a few other features that can optimize video and audio performance.

Atlona’s AT-PRO-MXM offers comprehensive control, input and output features to supervise an array of digital and analog audio, video and control signals. HDBaseT options provide uncompressed HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power and control via a single category cable over distances up to 328 ft (100m). Universal Audio Video Input Card integrates legacy computers and video sources. An amazing feature on the AT-PRO-MXM is a built-in 1 GigE Ethernet pass through allowing simultaneous 1000Base-T delivery, upgraded control, and streaming content to pass through the switch to all downstream devices. The AT-PRO-MXM provides state of the art performance capabilities all from a single switcher.


AT-PRO-MXM in the Home Theater

Residential Integrators can customize the AT-PRO-MXM to meet any customer needs at a greater value than competing systems while having the ability to easily fuse with modern and future technology. This matrix switcher was built to perform and most importantly assist in any residential AV application. If you can conceive the project, the AT-PRO-MXM will give you the confidence to believe the project will be completed.

AT-PRO-MXM in the Boardroom












Commercial integrators can now propose a complete solution to the challenges of demanding integration with perfect digital video and professional quality analog audio. Whether you need a VGA or DVI input for a projector or you’ve got multiple HD displays, you can rest assured that the AT-PRO-MXM has the capability to scale, split or switch with robust connectors that are reliable and future card options will also support legacy conversion.

A Versatile Build-Your-Own Solution

The beauty of modular matrix switchers is their ability to serve many needs through configurable inputs and outputs. Atlona’s AT-PRO-MXM modular matrix switcher takes that beauty a couple of steps farther: the AT-PRO-MXM is easy to configure, easy to install, and easy to use.


The ability to customize to serve virtually any application imaginable. The AT-PRO-MXM has a configurable chassis foundation for future system expansion. Atlona will build and test your switcher allowing you to save time and money. The AT-PRO-MXM can be ordered preconfigured with the most popular combination of inputs and outputs or customize your matrix switcher by specifying inputs and outputs online.

Power over Category Cable (PoCc)

With PoCc, the AT-PRO-MXM has a supercharged internal power supply with extra power for all connected
HDBaseT zone extenders. The ability to run power, control, and hdmi over one category cable provides a much simpler installation for any integratory out on the field.

Network Management

The units sophisticated GUI (graphical user interface) allows the user to easily enable presets, check status, and troubleshoot easier management critical status alerts via email.

Ultra HD (4Kx2K)

Many displays are now utilizing Ultra HD (4Kx2K) and you can be confident that the AT-PRO-MXM is compatible with deep color and full 3D 10.2 GBPS for stunning Ultra HD (4Kx2K) sources and displays.

Design Your Solution in Three Steps

1. CHOOSE A CHASSIS: The AT-PRO-MXM is available with support for 8 sources and zones (Q1, 2014) and a future chassis to support 16 sources and zones (Q2, 2014).

2. CHOOSE INPUT CARDS: (A) HDMI for Blu-Ray, set top boxes, and sources near a switcher; (B) universal audio video (UAV) for legacy digital and analog sources; or an (C) HDBaseT input card for sources up to 328 feet (100 meters) away with control via Ethernet, RS-232 and I.

3. CHOOSE OUTPUT CARDS for distance and 3 control requirements: (A) HDBaseT output card for Ethernet, RS-232 and IR with distances up to 328 feet (100 meters); an (B) HDBaseT output card for RS-232 and IR with distances up to 230 feet (70 meters); or an (C) HDMI output card for short runs. All cards feature balanced analog audio outputs with adjustable levels, bass, treble, and lip sync adjustments.

Standards-Based Performance and Reliability

Atlona AT-PRO-MXM modular matrix collection uses the latest in HDMI and HDBaseT technology to assure standards- based performance and reliability. Atlona understands long-term investment so the AT-PRO-MXM is designed for years of service. With Atlona’s 10 year limited warranty, your purchase is protected even if you never need it.

For more information or to purchase the AT-PRO-MXM please call one of our BZB Express representatives at 888-660-2962 or email [email protected]