Packshot Photo and Video Content Drives Results

What is a packshot? A packshot can be a still, moving image, or video of a product, usually including its packaging and labeling, used to portray a product’s reputation in advertising or other media. It’s excellent for stimulating sales, with the goal of a consumer recognizing a product he or she saw on a catalog or video commercial.  

Obviously, with Covid 19, not many people go inside stores or malls, but video advertising is still prominent, and product recognition is critical. According to Justuno, over 90% of consumers value visual content to be the deciding factor when making a purchase. That study alone underlines why packshot scenes are essential, read here for more studies on why it is critical for e-commerce. 

BG-PACKSHOT – Up close and Personal

The BZBGEAR BG-PACKSHOT-C10X is perfect for nailing tight, compact shots in High Definition to show off products, small items, toys and collections, trade skills, as well as content creation. In fact, it’s an ideal secondary camera for a recording “picture-in-pictiure” content for your channel. It’s equipped with two microphones, voices and music come in crystal clear up to 6 meters away, 3 meters for the best results! Take a look for yourself, the video below illustrates how easy it is to setup the camera and capture beautiful images. 

Stream to your computer using the high-speed USB3.0 ports while simultaneously transmitting Video and Audio to a local Display via the HDMI 2.0 output connection. The BG-Packshot is the ultimate web camera capable of bringing you closer to an object than they may appear. Close up visuals create an intimate feeling that can pull on a persons emotional heart string. The feeling that you are so close to something that you have to have it, ideally, this is the essence of a “packshot” when it refers to products. People recognize your product, they can see it clearly, sometimes it’s an impulse purchase that was created by superb imagery. 

Packshots for Content Creation

Now, to piggyback on this idea of a packshot, imagine if you have a trade skill, hobby, or even collections you want to show and sell. You want your viewers to come closer, and form an intimate relationship with what you are showing them. Maybe you are a card collector and want people to see the mint-condition of your items. What if your industry is jewelry? The BG-Packshot can be a primary or secondary camera for your channel to show off wedding rings, bracelets, and earrings in HD. 


Zoom-in 10x on the details while your viewers form heart shaped eyes when they see your products or your trade skill up close. It becomes personal. When it becomes personal, it’s a good thing, because your viewers are watching your content with emotion, forming an attachment. If you’re a Youtuber, guess who’ll be watching when you release your next “how to” video on how to draw supervillains. Of course, the subscribers who are emotionally charged because you inspired them to be creative and now they want to know what you are showcasing next.

Packshot for content creation

Gain loyal followers through beautifully crafted close-up visuals whether you are an artist showing your painting techniques, a guitar player showing where to place your fingers on the guitar strings when you want to hit a certain note, and so forth. It doesn’t matter what your trade is, there is always a way to show something up close without squinting. They know your content is going to be fire from the fact that your videos are going to be crisp and crystal clear using the BG-PACKSHOT-C10X camera. 


Portrait or Landscape Mode

A quick flip of a switch in the back of the camera, and you can broadcast in Portrait or Landscape mode. The portrait mode is ideal for phones, if you plan to show your content on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and share stories, while landscape mode is perfect for wide-angle shots for YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo. Create the perfect scene by adjusting brightness, saturation, white balance, etc., within the system settings via the menu using the IR remote control.  

The BG-PACKSHOT-C10X is great for many scenarios. Many applications are suitable, such as showing off merchandise and capturing tight shots of logos on actual products. Using this camera for content creation and live streaming a trade skill will allow viewers to see exactly what you are doing. The bottom line, in an era that is driven by digital media and high-quality visual content, the BG-Packshot is ideal for capturing the attention of your viewers that want to be up-close and personal.