wireless HDMI transmitter

What Is a Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Do They Work?

A Wireless HDMI Transmitter eliminates the need for an HDMI cable by using low band frequencies to pass the HDMI signal. Wireless HDMI Transmitters work great thanks to a technology called “Dynamic Frequency Selection” or DFS. This technology actively monitors the RF spectrum to identify and select an available channel. This process selectively chooses the best frequency with the least amount of traffic interference to transmit/receive the HDMI signal. DFS assists in producing a reliable, high-quality HD or 4K signal with only 1 ms of latency; basically a blink of the eye. For a quick overview on how a Wireless HDMI Transmitter works, watch the video below for a 2 minute breakdown.

What Resolutions Are Supported?

Well, of course, [email protected] and [email protected], but now even [email protected] with only 1ms of latency. They are relatively small and light in weight. Some models receive power via a convenient USB cable that connects to the back of your TV. This eliminates the need for a clunky power supply, helpful when there aren’t enough power outlets.

Wireless HDMI Extender

How About Range?

The ranges vary from 30 ft – 3000 ft, depending on brand/model. If you are not able to get a direct line of sight, walls and other obstructions will significantly decrease the transmission distance. So make sure to analyze your environment when considering the options out there. Be sure to factor in possible obstacles like walls, appliances, furniture, etc.

What About Audio Support?

Wireless HDMI Transmitters stream audio, but what audio formats? If you’re looking to connect to a Dolby/DTS 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, it’s essential to check the extender’s audio formats and what it supports. It’s vital to ensure you get the correct extender for your setup. As of now, we have not found a Wireless HDMI Transmitter that supports Dolby Atmos, but we’re sure it is right around the corner.

How About XBOX and PS4 Gaming?

It works great for gaming and with virtually zero latency when set up correctly. Check out our demo video below, where our guys previously demonstrated the DVDO Wireless HDMI Extender while playing games!

Besides using these devices at home, they are commonly used for digital signage applications in large venues. Other environments include historical buildings, houses of worship, and businesses where cables are not available for video and audio transmissions.

Selecting the ideal Wireless HDMI Transmitter requires you to know your limitations. If you feel you are over or under extending yourself, contact our BZB Express Team at 1.888.660.2962 or email [email protected] Visit our online store and explore your options in regards to your project. Catch the latest tech trends on our YouTube channel, BZB Express TV for insight on new audiovisual products, including demos and full reviews.