Top 4 Quad Screen Multiviewer Devices For Mixed AV Environments

The security and broadcast industry is not the only market for a Multiviewer. Monitoring multiple sources and video feeds occur in control rooms, studios, medical environments, and live events. With this in mind, a multiviewer consolidates numerous video sources (ex: game consoles, cable boxes, PCs, video cameras) to display onto a single monitor.

One large screen allows the user to monitor several source devices at once in a multiviewer environment. Additionally, some multiviewers can distribute by mirroring sources and layouts to multiple displays. Multiviewer displays are customizable allowing users to resize, scale, and place other information on each window for monitoring. On this article, we’re going to look at a few different devices with multiview and multiformat capability, and other advanced features. If you’re not in the mood to keep reading, our guys on BZB Express TV created a film to review and demo the products below.

Gefen EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 4×1 Multiviewer

Let’s start with the Gefen EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 4×1 Multiviewer Seamless Switcher. This unit is the perfect solution for displaying content from four Hi-Def sources to one 4K Ultra HD display. Equally important, the unit allows each of the windows to be presented one at a time, or scaled and positioned on the screen individually. The EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 is HDCP compliant and can take input resolutions up to 1080p @60 while output up to [email protected] 4:4:4.


The Gefen EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 is capable of seamless switching, ensuring no frame loss during window and picture transitions. A standout feature about this unit is the ability to control the audio from any of the four HDMI sources via IR, RS-232, or IP, for playback through the HDMI output and analog audio output. Analog audio can be separated from the HDMI output and can be sent to a separate sound system, giving your presentation an extra boost.


The EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 Multiview Seamless Switcher is controllable via front panel, a handheld IR remote control, RS-232, and IP. An intuitive on-screen GUI (graphical user interface) clarifies system configuration. Users can take advantage of the additional programmable presets to store and recall custom-configured window arrangements.

Aneuvideo ANI-42HPIP 4×2 Multiviewer

Next is the Aneuvideo ANI-42HPIP 4×2 Multiviewer. This unit is a high-performance HDMI switch, with integrated scaling and multiview technology. The ideal environment for this product is control rooms, conference, and classrooms.

ANI-42HPIP Multiviewer

The ANI-42HPIP is an HDMI switch. What this means is that the user can display any of the connected HDMI source devices to a TV, and switch between them, going out to 2 mirrored HDMI outputs. Any of the 4 HDMI sources may be displayed full screen, individually or can be shown using a variety of multi-window modes including PiP, PAP, and quad view.


In regards to control, users can manage the input window, routing, position, and sizing can be via the front panel buttons. Also, WebGUI, RS-232, Telnet, and IR remote control options are available. Also, the ANI-42HPIP supports video resolutions up to [email protected] and audio up to 7.1 on both input and output. This unit is fully compatible with HDCP 2.2 standards.

Key Digital KD-MLV4x2Pro 4×2 Multiviewer

Key Digital’s KD-MLV4x2Pro is a 4×2 Multiviewer / Seamless Presentation Matrix Switcher. One of the things we noticed when unboxing the unit was a receiver. The receiver comes into play when utilizing the HDBaseT output port. The KD-MLV4x2Pro is a four input by 2 output unit, with one HDMI output for a local display and the second output is HDBaseT.

KD-MLV4x2Pro Multiviewer

The unit’s HDBaseT port separates this device from the rest. HDBaseT is the standard for sending Ultra HD video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB, and power over a single, long-distance, category cable. This allows the user to connect to a display that is far from the rack, or in another room. Additionally, the receiver gets power from the KD-MLV4x2Pro, alleviating the need for a power supply. The unit works great for short or long-range applications.

The KD-MLV4x2Pro features seamless switching and independent matrix switching. Changing the source on the connected display is instant. Independent matrix switching allows the user to display any combination of the four inputs to the two outputs, regardless if it’s the HDMI or VGA input. All four inputs have analog L/R inputs for external audio. Analog Balanced/unbalanced outputs for separating audio from HDMI through the PCM ports to another sound system is also available.

The KD-MLV4x2Pro is also versatile when in Quadrant Mode, allowing the user to display either 4K or 2K. Other customization features include image layering for stacking images with customizable priority settings. Also, window transparency and border allow you to view the content through each other with the power to choose window bezel width and coloring.


The KD-MLV4x2Pro is manageable via front panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP-IP, and Web Control. The unit is also compatible with Compass Control and popular 3rd-party control systems. Additionally, the unit is Key Digital App Ready, meaning it can be controlled over TCP/IP via Key Digital® App.

Avenview HDM2-SPLITPRO-T4K Quad Multiviewer

Last, the Avenview HDM2-SPLITPRO-T4K is a Quad Multiviewer scaler that supports [email protected] 4:4:4. The unit is a purposeful seamless HDMI switcher in both full screen and multi-window modes. Both input and output supports resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz as well as LPCM audio up to 7.1 channels.

Avenview HDM2-SPLITPRO-T4K multiviewer

As a multiviewer, the HDM2-SPLITPRO-T4K features the ability to crop any of the 4 HDMI inputs. This device can input any 4 HDMI digital sources and then combine, four video signals onto a single monitor for a variety of multi-window modes including quad view, overlay, and PiP. The unit can scale and position each individual channel size and choose a different position anywhere on display.


The HDM2-SPLITPRO-T4K is controllable via the front panel buttons, WebGUI, RS-232, Telnet, and IR remote. Management of each input/window routing, position, and sizing is simple for any user.


All the products above are ideal for control command centers, security, broadcast, live events, studios, and any space where you’ll need to view multiple sources on one display. Deploying a monitor for each source or specification has become impractical. Employing a multiviewer solves this challenge, no matter how many sources or specifications are used. The flexibility of displaying multiple images in various resolutions, sizes, modes in an active display has many benefits. Visit our online store and explore your options in regards to your project. Catch the latest tech trends on our YouTube channel, BZB Express TV for insight on new audiovisual products, including demos and full reviews.