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DVDO Air 4K 4K UHD 60GHz Uncompressed Wireless HDMI Extender (Transmitter/Receiver) Set Up to 10m

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  • Weight
    3 lbs
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    Air 4K
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The DVDO presents to you the highly professional 60 GHz WirelessHD "Air 4K", designed based on SiBeam's 60GHz WirelessHD innovation. Air 4K is a high-quality unit that transmits HD content with close to zero slack time between the source and display, conveying cord-like dependability. Utilizing sophisticated radar technology utilized in military fighter Jets, Air 4K staged phased-array beam- forming technology consequently filters the room and searches for the best pathway from the transmitter to a receiver in every frame of video – up to 60 times per second. Devoid of Interference 2.4GHz and 5GHz based Wi-Fi systems are liable to usual obstruction have no capacity to reboot themselves whenever disrupted and are compelled to readjust video to fit in their accessible data transfer capacity. Air 4K is particularly manufactured with up to a 3Gb/s data rate and expert review innovation to spare profitable establishment time, wipe out call-backs, and give the cool-factor clients are searching for. Special Configuration Software DVDO's remote design utility takes into account programming redesigns if necessary.


  • Eliminate the clutter
  • The dependability of an HDMI cable—without the cable! The Air 4K be placed on top of your TV or behind it for a clean look.
  • Interference-free signal
  • The 60GHz frequency signal means there's no need to worry about interference from other wireless devices.
  • Easy installation
  • The Air 4K plugs into your TV or source device and draws power from the TV. Installing and configuring is simple as it comes with ten different mounting choices.
  • A proven, reliable technology
  • Based on the Air3C™ that is utilized in thousands of businesses and homes around the world. Stream video, cable, satellite, internet content, and Blu-ray up to 4K/30, 3D, and 7.1 surround sound.
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Zero latency is big for gamers and you can expect no delays between your game console and TV.



  1. How far can Air 4K reach?
    In direct or single-bounced areas, the Air 4K can reach up 10 meters (33 feet). It has been tested at farther distances without problems, but it will depend on the Transmitter/Receiver (Tx/Rx) placement and room layout.

  2. Can Air 4K reach farther in open air?
    Yes. If there are no obstructions and a direct line-of-sight, it can reach well over 20 meters (66 feet). Perfect in auditoriums and other open environments.

  3. Can the Air 4K signal go through walls?
    Varies depending on the thickness and material of the wall. It will not travel through metal, concrete, or thick wood. Best-case scenarios are in an in-room setup.

  4. What is the link light?
    The link light indicates one of the following:
    - Slow flash: Tx and Rx are setting up a wireless connection
    - Fast flash: Tx or Rx is transmitting an AV signal
    - Solid: successful AV connection
    For a successful connection, there needs to be an HDMI source connected to the Tx and a display connected to the Rx.

  5. How to tell between the Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx)?
    The Tx is labeled "Transmitter" and has a black label. It also has a DVDO logo on the front. The Rx is labeled "Receiver" and has a grey label.

  6. My Air 4K is not connecting. What can I do?
    - Make sure the Tx and Rx are within range; about 30 feet in the same room. The first time everything is powered on, consider placing the Tx and Rx closer together to confirm the system is working properly.
    - Make sure your source (e.g., Blu-ray or game console) is plugged correctly into the Tx and not the Rx.
    - Try resetting the Tx and Rx by turning them both on and then holding the scan button on each of the units for about 10 seconds until both their LEDs turn off. This will work best if the buttons on the Tx and Rx are held at the same time.
    - Make sure all the HDMI cables are completely plugged in.

  7. Does it matter what is connected to the Tx and Rx?
    Yes, the Tx should always be connected to your source device (e.g., Blu-ray or game console). The Rx should always be connected to a display, projector, or other sink devices.

  8. What are the available mounting options?
    Air 4K has two mounting brackets with break-off tabs, one for the Tx and Rx. It also comes with drywall screws and double adhesive tapes. Using the drywall screws, the units can be mounted directly to a wall. They can be attached through a mounting bracket or to a surface with tape.
    It is important the front of the Tx and Rx are pointed towards each other or towards the wall/ceiling to allow the signal to bounce off the surfaces. Many have mounted the Rx just below the top edge of their TV and pointed upward at a 45 degree angle as to catch the signal that reflects off the ceiling.

  9. Do the Tx and Rx need to be pointed at each other?
    The best connection is obtained when the Tx and Rx are in direct line-of-sight and aimed at each other. If the Tx or Rx is flat on a table, the antenna points out the mesh-screen section upwards at a 45 degree angle. The ideal position for the Tx is typically flat on a table or equipment rack. The Rx is best placed vertically screwed/attached to a wall.
    Note that if the Tx and Rx can see the ceiling or wall, the signals will bounce off that surface to connect. In this scenario, both units can typically be hidden from view.

  10. What resolutions does Air 4K support?
    All standard HDMI resolutions up to 1080p/60. It supports almost all PC resolutions along with DVI connections. It also supports 3D and HD audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA.

  11. Why does my TV say "No Connection" sometimes?
    As long as the Tx and Rx are within range, they'll maintain a connection. But a connection can be lost for a moment when the inputs or resolution are changed. In this scenario, the Tx will reconnect automatically after a brief delay (under 10 seconds).

  12. Will the Air 4K power supplies work with 220V and 110V?
    The Tx and Rx power supplies are universal and will work internationally. However, they have US power prongs and an adapter will be needed for other countries.
    The Rx uses a micro USB connector for power and can be powered by the TV's USB port with the USB to micro USB cable. However, if the TV is unable to provide sufficient power current, then the USB AC power adapter must be used.

  13. What does the scan button do on the Tx and Rx?
    In setups with one Tx and two Rx, holding the scan button for 2-3 seconds changes the Rx that the Tx is connected to.
    In setups with one Rx and two Tx, holding the scan button for 2-3 seconds changes the Tx that the Rx will receive the signal from.
    Holding the Tx scan button for 10 seconds will shut off the LED and reset it to the factory default. The Tx will then locate the first Rx found.
    Holding the Rx scan button for 10 seconds will shut off the LED and reset it to the factory default. The Rx will then locate the first Tx found.

  14. What is WirelessHD®? How can I learn more?
    Learn more about the WirelessHD standard here:

  15. How Air 4K differs from other HDMI wireless solutions?
    Air 4K uses the 60GHz WirelessHD standard and is free from wireless interference of other devices. It has a very low audio and video delay. It supports excellent video and audio quality because of the high radio frequency bandwidth. The performance equals that of a cable, without having any cables to worry about. Air 4K's wireless technology performs well in gaming setups requiring low delay and high AV quality. Other HDMI wireless solutions will not.

  16. Can I install more than one Air 4K in a room?
    Yes. Two Air 4Ks can be used at the same time in the same room since they each will occupy a different wireless channel. Its WirelessHD standard supports two separate high-rate channels.

  17. Is there support for Audio Return Channel (ARC)?
    No. The Air 4K doesn't support ARC.