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Influencing the Future with Professional Live Stream | AVPro Edge Impulse & AJA HELO

According to statistics by live video platform Livestream, 80% of online users will soon watch live videos from businesses rather than read a blog. Even more, the data advises 81% prefer to watch a live video from your company versus social media posts. Consequently, live streaming will prove to be a powerful tool for digital marketing, house-of-worship, schools, content creators, and corporations. 

Currently, live streaming is simple with present technology. Thanks to smartphones and the internet, we can now have communication that can easily be broadcasted and enjoyed. However, studies show that consumers have a very low tolerance for a lousy stream. If the video is spotty with artifacts and the audio breaks more often than not, viewers will tune off within a minute of watching. 

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Luckily, some media devices are perfect for live stream and recording. We’ll look at a couple of media streaming and recording devices that are suitable for professional use from the bzbexpress catalog. We’ll examine their features, connections, and how to use them with public sites such as Facebook, YouTube, including creating a private link for an exclusive event. 

Live Stream with Impulse

The first product we want to discuss is the AVPro Edge Impulse, a compact single-channel streamer/recorder. Impulse can take a video signal and stream it on any service such as YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Church Streaming, and even your website via an IP address. This live stream device is ideal for broadcasting, content creators, schools, house-of-worship, small businesses, and corporations. Our guys at BZB Express TV has created a video on how the AVPro Edge Impulse and Impulse PLUS work. 

Not only are you able to live stream a video signal, but it gives you the ability to record directly to an SD card or USB flash drive. The AVPro Edge has two models. The standard Impulse comes with an HDMI input and the Impulse PLUS version is equipped with an HDMI and SDI input, allowing you to use a wider variety of cameras. 

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With AVPro Edge’s Impulse and a good quality PTZ camera, you can stream beautiful 1080p signals to anywhere in the world. There are a multitude of cameras available on the market. Be sure the camera you choose offers the connections you require like HDMI, SDI, LAN Port, etc. 

The AVPro Edge Impulse is useful for a plethora of applications and is only limited to your imagination. It’s ideal for house-of-worship streaming their service to members that are not able to get to the church. Restaurants and bars can leverage Impulse to make announcements and run live events through their social media. It’s excellent for gamers streaming their gameplay on Youtube or Twitch. Schools and Universities can broadcast their lessons to websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or private sites to continue providing a close connection with their student body. The AVPro Edge offers a professional solution that is easy to setup delivering beautiful 1080p video from any browser


HELO is AJA’s robust stand-alone H.264 streaming and recording appliance. It unites both SDI and HDMI I/O into a single instrument; concurrently stream to any Content Delivery Network (CDN). Also, users can encode and record beautiful H.264 files to SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards, USB storage, or NFS or CIFS mounted network-based storage simultaneously. The video below previews how the HELO works and environments it’s useful in. 

Compact and ready to go, AJA’s HELO is small, and sturdy form factor is essential for any busy schedule. Webcasts, live events, production, and post locations change, but HELO can take the heat. Its design travels well and fits wherever it is necessary to deliver a perfect picture. HELO provides 3G-SDI and HDMI source ports in a single unit. The unit has the capacity to encode up to 1080p @60Hz in beautiful H.264 quality. From desktops to Smart TVs, tablets to smartphones, no translation necessary. Additionally, 2-Channel stereo audio can encode up to 24-bit 48kHz ranging from 32kbps to 256kps in MPEG-4 AAC-LC. Users can optimize the most appropriate choice for their project’s needs.

Streaming Simplified

Anyone new to streaming will think it’s complicated; HELO makes it simple. A standard USB connection and robust web-browser based UI allows the user to set up and configure any CDN connection prior to an event. Once there, press the Stream button and send your project across HELO’s Ethernet connection. HELO supports RTP/RTSP, RTMP, RTMPE for Facebook live as well as Unicast. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support adds compatibility with Apple’s popular iOS devices and more.

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HELO’s web-based GUI also provides a video preview window to ensure you get what you expect. Also, an AV Mute setting allows the user to mute live video and audio for their stream and optionally load graphic with event details. Users can also utilize a built-in holding graphic before your event goes live. 

The AJA HELO offers a dedicated Record button right on the front of HELO’s small and mobile interface for live recording. Also, it provides simultaneous recording while streaming and redundant recording of one file to two media destinations simultaneously. This feature enables you to hand a client a copy of the event right after recording ends while you keep the master. 


Furthermore, HELO’s H.264 based encoding not only ensures beautiful, efficiently sized files; it means your recording medium choices are wide open. Utilize USB thumb sticks, drives, and RAIDs, standard SD, SDHC, or SDXC media or network shares across a switch. Media choices equate to cost-effectiveness, allowing users to choose what’s suitable for their project. 

In a fast work, HELO allows you to capture pristine 1080p @60Hz for delivery of sports, live events, crystal clear video conferencing, webinars, sermons, presentations, and games capture. Easily connect any video device to HELO using the 3G-SDI or HDMI and record H.264 files and stream. HELO is the perfect complement to any professional workflow, effortlessly connecting to a range of HD capable devices. 

The Power of Live Stream

Live streaming has the influence to expand the viewership of any event attended by hundreds into the millions, to connect global offices, and to reach audiences of unparalleled scale for product launches, fashion shows, content creation, or exclusive fan releases. Live streaming can be private for businesses and their employees, Universities and their student body, entrepreneurs hosting an event for their client-base, Artists hosting an event, Original Content Creators, and so much more. For any questions, consultation or pricing inquiries about the products above, please visit to chat or speak with an expert at 888-660-2962.