Live Stream and Video Conference

BZBGEAR Expands AV Line with Live Stream and Video Conference Solutions

BZBGEAR is proud to showcase its latest broadcast equipment for live stream and video conference for the emerging live video industry. Currently stocking essential devices for distributing AV signals and digital signage, the brand continues to grow with more solutions for 2020.

Live Stream and Video Conference

Live video and recording are more accessible than ever with present technology. The power of the Internet and smartphones allows millions to broadcast live streams when they want. Furthermore, 2020 is driving people to adapt with social distancing policies and a new way of working. BZBGEAR’s latest solutions for working from home to the office tackles live video, recording, and broadcasting gadgets for work proficiency anywhere.

Webcams and Speakerphones

An efficient communication solution is video conferencing. When colleagues, partners, medical, or any other person is unable to meet with another; video conference is a brilliant solution. Video conferencing utilizes webcams (integrated or external), speakerphones, and TV displays for collaboration, conveying visual tools and ideas.

Live stream and video conference

Webcams offer clean high-resolution image details that laptops and phones with integrated cameras are not able to match. BZBGEAR’s line of webcams offer resolutions up to 4K including auto focus, auto-framing, and digital zoom capabilities.

These cameras will work with your Windows PC or Mac as long as you have a USB-A 2.0 or 3.0 connection available. Also, when it comes to sound quality, these cameras support a number of audio formats for recording voices and sounds. Supported standard formats include MP4, AAC, and PCM.

PTZ Cameras and IP Streaming

PTZ Cameras with pan, tilt, zoom features with IP streaming capability are a convenient office surface mount for anytime meetings. However, the are elevated when utilized during live event production for capturing the performance as a whole. Additionally, the compact design renders modern flexibility to operate in any space. Connections are simple with CAT cables 6/7, HDMI, USB to your PC and main display. A quick custom setup on control via UI and you’re ready to connect for a Zoom session, Live Stream on your YouTube Channel, or host an exclusive event for your followers on a private IP address. BZBGEAR offers a selection of Broadcast PTZ cameras specifically for this purpose. 

IP PTZ Cameras

Live Streaming Through The Digital Age

Perform for a live audience with live streaming. Imagine the possibilities with a studio setup that can extend beyond live recording. Include an IP PTZ Camera to an acoustic rated studio and you’ve created a venue for your audience to follow. An IP PTZ camera will allow you to live stream and record your performance. Moreover, your recorded copy can be edited for other social medium uses. Create a green room studio for podcasts and other live events for your followers and the possibilities are limitless.

live stream podcast

Live streaming has taken the world by storm and their are plenty of stats to prove it. According to Cisco, video traffic will comprise of globally 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. Live video streaming and video conferencing for business is becoming a necessary marketing and communication solution in the digital age. Businesses will continue to spend on video content and the live streaming industry will continue to boom as long as video consumption continues to rise. BZBGEAR will be in the forefront of the live stream industry with emerging solutions for a rebuilding US economy.

BZBGEAR, a BZB Express brand provides a two-year warranty on all products, a three-year warranty on all camera-related products. Additionally, BZBGEAR has a 60-day money-back guarantee and free technical support seven days a week.