How a Wireless Presentation System Adds Efficiency to Any Meeting

A wireless presentation system can be advantageous in meeting spaces where people work, create, share ideas, and collaborate. The meeting spaces of today are custom fit with projector screens, displays, LED panels, multi-format connectors for any device and much more. People attend meetings with laptops, tablets, smartphones and mobile devices that have note taking and presentation capabilities.

The good old days of using a typical whiteboard and attendees bringing a notebook and pen seems distant with the technology we have at our disposal.

With this in mind, we review the most cutting-edge wireless presentation system & collaboration solutions from three of our trusted partners Atlona, DVDO, & Kramer Electronics. All the units we are examining are great for huddle rooms, conference areas and any meeting environment where wireless connectivity is beneficial. Practically any device can connect to these units—Windows, iOS, MAC, and Android devices.

DVDO TILE Wireless Presentation System

Let’s start with the DVDO TILE, a wireless presentation system offering five HDMI inputs including a 4K pass through, two USB inputs, and two HDMI mirrored outputs. Install is straightforward, and controlling the unit is smooth with the TILE app.

What’s unique about the DVDO TILE is it can simultaneously cast 5 participant screens on the shared display. The TILE can stream any content & customize the layout by repositioning, resizing and relayering each device’s screen on the shared display. These features are excellent and allow participants to share content, apps, files, and compare data. Participants can also bring up websites alongside presentations.

The DVDO TILE is packed with advanced features including casting up to four 1080p video streams at the same time. We’ve put together a comprehensive demo of the product here/below.


Atlona SW-510W Universal Switcher

Next, we have the Atlona SW-510W, which is a five input 4K/UHD universal switcher with wireless presentation link. The setup for the Atlona unit is simple plug and play. This unit is a switcher allowing multiple sources devices to connect to it. However, only one source can cast on the main screen.

The SW-510W has two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and one USB-C connection. The USB-C port is excellent for a mobile device and will also charge the device while connected.

What stands out about the Atlona unit is it can support 4K/60 4:4:4 and HDR formats on the local ports. It is exceptional if your presentation requires you to have the best video quality on the screen.

The SW-510W supports a mirrored HDBaseT output. It’s useful if you require a second display located on the other side of the room. You’ll have to purchase the supported HDBaseT receiver, AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX-PSE if you want to take advantage of this feature. We also created a complete video of the install and setup below.


Kramer VIA Connect Pro Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solution

Last, we look at Kramer’s VIA Connect Pro wireless presentation & collaboration solution. We also have a complete install + setup video below. The VIA Connect Pro allows the admin to connect a keyboard and mouse to manage the wireless presentation system. Also, out of the three, the VIA has the most compact design.


Kramer sports true collaboration for their VIA with the ability for multiple participants to edit & annotate in real time. The wireless presentation system also allows connected users to share what has been worked on in the main screen with everyone connected.

What separates Kramer from the other two units is the ability to save files in a cloud-based file sharing storage up to 32G. All participants can access the data for post-meeting tasks eliminating the hassle of asking everyone for their email and having to email them after the presentation.

These wireless presentation systems make an excellent addition to any huddle room, boardroom, classroom, conference setting or collaboration spaces with their abilities to cast wireless content from just about any device. Each module provides a unique feature that can turn any meeting into a dynamic discussion with new found flexibility for team development and collaboration. You can find these amazing devices at our online store, BZB Express.