Presentation Switcher Scaler

Analog to HDMI Presentation Switcher Scaler Revives Legacy Devices

There comes a time when all electronics must face the day they have officially been outdated and left in the wake of newly founded technology. Meanwhile, older technologies are still afloat existing in budgeted environments using old analog devices like VCRs, DVD players, and Camcorders. The question is, are they still relevant or should they be recycled?   If this […]

Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Modernize Every Meeting For Efficiency with a Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Many businesses today are utilizing a Collaboration Presentation switcher as a critical component in their conference and meeting rooms. The reason for this technology is that most environments have what’s referred to as a mixed environment. This means there is a vast array of end-users and a variety of devices, including Computers, LCD Displays, Projectors, Cameras, Phones, and Tablets.    […]

tvONE’s Amazing Switching Solutions Can Scale Up Your System

InfoComm 2016 is the premier destination for AV industry professionals, integrators, end-users, distributors, and manufacturers. This year’s InfoComm reflects growth from the 211 new exhibitors the show attracted. We are excited about the upward trend in the industry, and our BZBtv crew was fortunate enough to witness what InfoComm 16 had to offer. One of the stops the BZBtv team […]

What is Seamless Switch Technology?

Professional AV solutions are increasingly used to deliver timely information and targeted HD content to consumers and businesses. Nowadays, various video displays and digital signage are everyplace utilized in corporate facilities, airports, terminals, university campuses, hospitals, government offices and retail stores. They are in wide use in business-critical applications such as industrial monitoring, traffic control, surveillance, entertainment and gaming, and […]

Now Shipping! Aurora Multimedia’s DXP-62 Presentation Scaler/Switcher w/HDBaseT

The DXP-62 is a presentation scaler/switcher designed for multi-signal processing of HDMI®, VGA, Component (YPbPr) and Composite inputs scaling all up to 1900×1200 HD resolution output. It accepts up to four (4) HDMI® inputs and two (2) VGA/YPbPr/Composite inputs and scales all to the on-board HDMI® and HDBaseT simultaneous outputs. Leveraging One Room – One CableTM features, the HDBaseT output […]