Go The Distance w/ Atlona’s 4K HDR Extender System

Atlona Technologies has a fresh new 4K HDR extender system that is designed for both residential and commercial environments. The AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS is a solution for applications that require the highest quality video to extend long distances.


Go The Distance w/ A 4K HDR Extender System

The AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS is a 4K HDR extender system over HDBaseT. The unit combines the convenience of HDBaseT and visually lossless compression. These features allow delivery of video over distances the standard high-speed HDMI cable cannot support.


The HDMI extender kit transports signals up to 4K UHD at 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling over Cat-6a or Cat-7 cable. It can extend 1080p video up to 230 ft, and 4K HDR content up to 130 feet.


All video resolutions, audio formats (PCM plus Dolby and DTS) and color spaces encompassed in the HDMI 2.0a spec are supported. Able to pass metadata for HDR content, the kit supports the 4K HDR10 standard at 60Hz. Also, key features such as HDMI data rates up to 18Gbps and HDCP 2.2 compliance are additional features.


The 4K HDR extender system is excellent for point-to-point applications or as part of a more significant 4K HDR distribution system with the AT-HDR-H2H-44M matrix switch. The kit is excellent for atmospheres including home theaters, retail TV showrooms, and detail-intensive pro-AV environments like full-motion simulation and visualization.


Discover the dramatic visual benefits that High Dynamic Range can deliver, demand for HDR-enhanced content and compatible equipment. We sure did as we tested out the unit in The Hive to work with a PS4 Pro and a PS4 Pro Enhanced game in Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard.



The AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for high-quality, HDR-enabled HDMI extension in residential or commercial applications of any scale. If you’re working on a project that needs to route 4K HDR a long distance, you will need this unit. In fact, the unit is available now at our online store