PureStream VIP

PureStream VIP AV over IP by PureLink Is Virtually A Plug and Play System

PureLink recognizes that the implementation of traditional AV has added complexity when merged with IT. The PureStream VIP AV over IP platform embraces these challenges by uniting robust hardware with server-based software. Add on expert pre-configuration of VIP endpoints and install is easy. Simply identify how many source devices will connect to a display and you’re set. PureLink’s PureStream VIP design caters to simplify setup, discovery, and operation.

Our guys at BZBtv install and demo five brand AV over IP solutions, one of them being the PureStream VIP by PureLink. You can watch the video below.

The PureStream VIP platform consists of encoder/decoder options, purpose-built network switches, and peripherals. Furthermore, all devices can be managed by the revolutionary VPX IP Video Management and VPX Wallmaster. Let’s find out what makes the PureStream VIP a simple plug and play system.


Encoders and Decoders

The first level in the PureStream VIP system is the VIP-100 II Tx and VIP-100 II Rx. These units offer video, audio, RS-232, and IR extension, distribution and matrix switching capabilities. The modules can connect together for point-to-point extension over distances up to 394 ft. (120 m). Additionally, the modules are also capable of point-to-many, many to point, and matrix connections. Moreover, the encoder comes in a decora wall plate style device, VIP-101H II Tx, ideal for small meeting spaces. Also, the VIP-STREAM-100 HDMI Encoder System provides Full HD video and audio over IP networks. This is possible using the H.264 video compression standard.

PureStream VIP

The second level in the PureStream VIP platform is the VIP-200H II Tx and VIP-200H II Rx. This tier provides point-to-point extension and matrix switching of multiple devices over IP networks. These devices support audio, video, USB, RS-232, IR, and bi-directional audio.

Lastly, the PureStream VIP 300 series includes the VIP-300H-U-Tx and VIP-300H-U-Rx. The 3rd tier supports UltraHD/ 4K video, audio, RS-232, IR, USB distribution and matrix switching capacities over IP networks.


Preconfigured Network Switches

Accompanied with the PureStream VIP encoder and decoders, PureLink also offers preconfigured network switches. They carry the VIP-NET 10G Series and the VIP-NET 1G Series.

PureStream VIP

VIP-NET 10G Series

The VIP-NET 10G series of AV over IP network switch renders flexible CAT and Fiber connectivity. The VIP-NET-0815-10G allow’s for multiple units to be interconnected with the optional 10G slot card to produce AV matrix systems. Furthermore, the switch supports IGMP snooping, VLAN, jumbo frame, L2+ management and SFP+ fiber. The VIP-NET series 10G switches are purpose-built to provide useful 10G connections to 10G-capable.

VIP-NET 1G Series

The VIP-NET 1G series is purpose-built to improve performance and management of AV over IP systems. Developed to work dependably with PureLink’s various VIP encoders and decoders, the VIP-NET-4804-1G, VIP-NET-4804PP-1G, and VIP-NET-2404PP-1G offer POE+ options to power connected IP devices including scheduling and PoE configuration. These models are best suited for enterprise-class environments. These three models enable users to reduce power consumption and lower the TCO through Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az).


The VIP-NET-0448-1G, VIP-NET-0824-1G, and VIP-NET-2404-1G are designed for use with PureStream IP Video solutions to provide simple and flexible network management. These switches combine many essential features for reliable AV over IP distribution. Such features include IGMP snooping, VLAN, jumbo frame as well as the ability to link multiple switches.




PureStream VIP AV over IP

The VIP-CAM-100 is a 1080p camera for capturing HD images from long distances with 20x optical zoom. Key features include advanced PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) function. Also, IP (H.265, H.264) and 3G/HD-SDI dual stream outputs, and an IR remote interface are available. The compact design of the VIP-CAM-100 makes mounting on tables, walls, or ceilings a breeze. Additionally, the device supports HD-SDI and IP streaming. These features make it ideal for broadcasting HD signals in conference, live broadcast, and security applications.


Plug and Play via VPX Software

The PureStream line of video over IP products provides straightforward implementation and operation. All VIP encoders and decoders are accompanied by the easy setup and operation software, VPX. VPX allows users to quickly locate encoders/ decoders on your network and set them up like a matrix switch interface.

PureStream VIP

The VPX IP Video Management Software allows users to quickly locate encoders and decoders on your network and set them up like a typical matrix switch interface. Also, VPX will enable you to edit your list of encoders/decoders manually and work offline. Also, you can work remotely to create your configuration file and send to your job site or client. In addition, the software offers preset and automation schedule creation, external control API, detailed diagnostic reporting, and more. You can access the VIP system from just about anywhere. The browser interface allowing access from Windows, MAC, iPad, and Android wireless devices.

The VPX WallMaster™ Plug-in on the other hand integrates exceptional video wall processing capabilities. Further, users can create video wall and display zone layouts with ease. Moreover, applying and re-configuring layouts and source devices on-demand is a breeze. Customizing presets and managing campaigns is routine with the VPX Automation Scheduler.

PureLink VIP

Pro & Cons

There are several things we like about the PureStream VIP platform. First and foremost, we love the fiber optic ports for long distance transmission. Moreover, the VIP 300 series can extend point-to-point via category cable up to 492 ft. PureLink also sells its own preconfigured network switches. On top of that, if you have your own switch, PureLink will configure your existing switch for you. Also, if your application requires maximum video wall configuration, the PureStream platform has the VPX WallMaster. Lastly, if we want to get nit-picky, the limited audio formats supported are Dolby HD, DTS-HD, and Stereo.


The PureStream VIP is a platform for any type of space in need of a robust network for managing AV signals. An intuitive network resource with a straightforward web-based GUI allows the user to configure virtual AV routing over the network. Installing the platform is as easy as setting up a traditional AV matrix switcher. The PureStream VIP platform is virtually a plug and play AV over IP system. Post-integration, managing the PureStream VIP systems is a breeze with automated monitoring, centralized firmware updating, and much more. The PureStream VIP AV over IP platform is currently available in the BZB Express catalog.