BZB Gear 8x8 HDMI matrix switch

BZB Gear’s Budget-Friendly 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch Delivers Perfect 4K Picture

It’s Friday, and your employees are running around taking orders, helping customers purchase products, and assisting with questions. The waiting area is filled with people, and a line is forming out the door. How can all your employees tend to so many people without turning them away? Easy! You’re a smart business owner who invested in an HDMI Matrix Switch to send high-quality audio and video signals to all the zones of your business, including the outdoor patio. 

An HDMI matrix switch is a powerful device that can deliver multiple HDMI source devices with audio, video, and control signals to many displays. A smart business is wise to employ an HDMI matrix switcher to keep their unattended customers entertained. Adding audiovisual content to high traffic locations of your store, restaurant, sports bar, retail, or any commercial environment keeps the entertainment flowing during your businesses busiest hours. Keep reading for the full review or watch our guys at BZB Express TV install the BZ-UHD-88M-ARC HDMI / HDBaseT Matrix Switcher below. 

Now, you might be asking, “aren’t matrix switchers expensive?” It’s a fair question since many brands charge for a matrix switch for as much as a Tesla. Now, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but a Tesla is still a car, and a matrix switcher should not cost as much. 


BZ-UHD-88M-ARC HDMI Matrix Switch

Enter the BZB Gear BZ-UHD-88M-ARC, an HDMI / HDBaseT™ matrix switcher that allows transmission of eight HDMI source devices to eight TVs, projectors, or any display device (six HDBaseT outputs; two independent HDMI outputs). This unit is a perfect solution for connecting multiple source devices such as DVD players, cable boxes, game consoles, laptops, or any HDMI source device. 

HDMI matrix switcher

Included with this system are (6) BZ-66M-70RX Receivers capable of handling up to 4K2K@60Hz with Chroma Sampling at 4:4:4 streaming at a rate of 18Gbps using HDCP 2.2 / HDMI 2.0 at a distance up to 115ft away. For HD displays that can only handle 1080p, the transmission reach is up to 230ft utilizing a single CAT6/6a cable. 

How About Audio?

Let’s cover the audio capabilities of the BZ-UHD-88M-ARC. The unit supports (ARC) or Audio Return Channel. ARC uses a single HDMI connection to send audio from a TV to an AV receiver or the sound bar. 

Also, optical and analog audio can be extracted from any one of the outputs. The BZ-UHD-88M-ARC supports high-quality multichannel digital audio formats like the LPCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio. In other words, this system is ready to rock for you! 

audio formats

When it comes to control, there are several methods to choose from including LAN/IP control, Web UI, IR, and RS-232. There are IR inputs and Outputs on the receivers and Matrix Switch for 3.5 connections. The kit includes 15 IR Blasters and 16 IR Receivers.

Delivering a perfect picture to multiple HD and 4K displays is simple and easy to manage with the 8×8 BZ-UHD-88M-ARC. Furthermore, you won’t have to apply for a jumbo loan to afford this fantastic device. The BZB Gear 8×8 HDMI / HDBaseT Matrix Switcher is a cost-efficient solution with value-added features. We welcome you to call us and share your application with our experts to find out if this is the solution for you. Additionally, you can visit our online store, to get more details on this product, or chat online with our reps.