4×4 HDMI Matrix Switch with RS232 and IP Control

The 4 by 4 HDMI Matrix Switch by Hall Research with IP control and RS232 can support deep color, multi-channel digital audio up to 7.1 channels, HDCP, and can be used with any combination of HDMI or DVI sources and displays.

Silicon Image chipsets used in this device are capable of color depth conversion for each output independently. This provides the highest possible number of colors are displayed on each output. So in this case if some outputs are connected to displays that only HDMI 1.2 and to others that support HDMI 1.3, in order to receive a deepest possible color depth, the device will report as supporting HDMI 1.3 to each output source.

The Genesis Digital matrices are perfect solution for conference rooms, home theaters, multimedia presentation systems and other similar installations, thankfully to features like fast switching, EDID management, low profile, IR remote, comprehensive front panel controls, and PRESET Save and Recall function.

IP Control From any PC or Smart Phone

Users can control and manage this video switch from any point in the building using their Android phones or iPhones. The IP port includes a Smart built-in web server with software that allows to control the switch using any web-browser. HSM IP Manager, that is embedded into the unit, first reads the display area of a browser, then renders optimized for the device webpage with no need to install an app. By using a shortcut to the IP address users will be able to make ties and recall presets, as well as assigning custom names for each output, input and preset pattern. This unit can support multiple users from any device such as PC, tablet or smart phone.
HSM IP Manager Simulator

You can check out HSM IP Manager Simulator on Hall Research website, which will allow you to try the software, test navigation and features with some limited functionality. You can check the simulator by scanning the QR code on your smart phone or click here.
Telnet Control 

Users can control entire Serial Command Structure of the Matrix through a Telnet connection on the network. This feature, as well as password login can be turned on and off  at the built-in webpage.

You can purchase this 4×4 HDMI Matrix switch here.