Updated Digital Signage Media Players by Gefen with Wi-Fi Offer HTML5 and Widgets

Gefen, the digital connectivity provider recently announced the expansion of a range of its solutions for the digital signage industry by updating its two digital signage media players that are being shipped now.

Both,  the Digital Signage Media Player with  Wi-Fi and the Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi Plus started to utilize HTMI5-based widgets to make user experience more simple and improved. The new system, that is widget-based, allows importing elements into design by using “drag and drop” function, which makes creation of content very simple. The updated software, installed on Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi Plus model,  has date/time, Learning-Hub widgets and RSS feeds. Convenient content management is assured by the ability to upload playlists, create schedules and more. These two models include a choice of twenty pre-designed templates for multiple zones to jump-start content development and deployment more effectively. Software developers will appreciate the implementation of W3C SMIL that insures compatibility across different platforms.

These units allow uploading content in an easy and convenient manner, by sending it to a connected displays through the media player or by saving it on a USB drive which can be directly connected to the media player and content can be simply copied to the internal memory of the device.

Both of these units support an HDMI or analog (composite/component/VGA) display connections. For using a contact closure type relays and switches together with Gefen add-on products USB connectivity is provided

Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi

This Media Player, based on LAN and WAN can be connected to all displays on the network and use wi-fi connectivity to upload a digital signage content. It has both, digital and analog outputs, and can support resolutions up to 1080p. In case of necessity, the two-channel analog audio can be delivered together with video. Pre-designed templates, calendar-based scheduling, one-line scrolling text and passive cooling system are additional features. 4GB of flash memory with an option to upgrade it up to 16GB this Media Player expands the possibilities of using digital signage content.

Digital Signage Media Player with W-Fi Plus

The Media Player with Wi-Fi Plus supports a live input video feed utilizing the composite input in addition to all of the new features. For more complex digital signage content it has an ability to place live  video to pre-defined  template zones. As well as the other model, this player provides 4GB expandable flash memory, one-line scrolling text, and supports most of the popular video formats. In order to turn display’s power on and off RS-232 control is used.  It also has digital and analog outputs and it is LAN/WAN-based.