The Most Affordable AV Switchers for your Home Theater System

The second half of the NBA season is here, and you’re a die-hard Golden State Warriors fan who wants to host a bunch of parties to celebrate every win. Your wife is taking care of the food preparations while your duty is to clean up the entertainment center which is a mess of cables hidden behind your AV cabinet (CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to clean a chaotic home entertainment system in 5 easy steps). You typically pull the cables connected to your TV ports to switch from a Blu-ray player, Xbox and cable box since there are only two ports for HDMI. You want everything to function seamlessly during the games and your entertainment center to be clean and visually impressive because you know for sure your family, friends, and your close buddies will either admire your set-up or criticize it. Well, we’ve got a solution for your home AV system that will surely impress.

The purpose of a switcher is to “switch” between two (or more) audio/video sources to one (or more) outputs. AV switchers are available in formats such as audio, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and analog inputs including composite and component. Adding a switcher to an entertainment center will free up some HDMI ports on your TV, remove unnecessary cables that’s causing clutter and make switching between HDMI sources more convenient and less problematic. Below is a list of the most affordable switchers 4×1 (four inputs to one output) available today.

Below is a list of the most affordable 4×1 (four inputs to one output) switchers available today.


KD-4x1CSK by Key Digital: $240.00


By far one of the best switchers in the market and supports 4K and Ultra HD. This unit is a 4×1 switcher that supports 3D ready with deep color and digital audio (Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD Master Audio) support. We highly recommend this unit if you have a 4K or UHD TV and comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that right… lifetime warranty.

SW-HDM-4×1 by Avenview: $399.99


The SW-HDM-4×1 is an advanced switcher with IR and RS232 control capabilities. Also, this unit can auto-scan and auto-detect the connected HDMI source devices and sequentially and automatically switch to the first viable source among four channels when powered on.

HDS-41Rv13 by Digital Extender: $199.00


The HDS-41Rv13 is the most affordable 4×1 switcher on this list and is an excellent low-cost solution for any entertainment center. This device supports 1080p, deep color, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD digital audio. If you don’t own a UltraHD or 4K display, this is the way to go.

SB-5604 by Shinybow: $260.00

This SB-5604 is a 4×1 switcher that has five power boosters built-in to prevent signal degradation up to 60ft at 1080p. Ideal for professional HDMI component integration, this unit provides RS232 control via Windows-based control software. With its handy dandy remote, it’s easy to switch to the desired HDMI source to be routed to an HDTV display.

Matrix6 by DVDO: $449.99


We saved the DVDO Matrix6 for last because it has more to offer and it’s a little pricier. The Matrix6 provides six 4K & Ultra UHD inputs. The Matrix6 is the solution you want to target if your entertainment center includes six HDMI sources and two HDTVs. This unit is great for gamers to allow them to connect different game consoles such as a PS4, XBox, Wii with a cable box, DVD player, and Apple TV. Also, this device supports MHL connectivity which will allow users to mirror the content of their MHL-enabled smartphones or tablets on multiple displays while charging the mobile device at the same time. Now you can play your favorite game or watch videos you’ve recorded from your phone on the big screen.

Searching for the right switcher for any application is not easy and can be labor intensive. A great rule of thumb when searching for a switcher is knowing your input source devices, connectors and the distance between the source to your TV. If you have any questions regarding the products above, our helpful and knowledgeable sales reps are standing by to take your call at 888-660-2962.

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