PTZ camera for live streaming

All-round IP PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Features HDMI, SDI, and LAN.

The innovation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) has attracted many people to consider a PTZ camera for live streaming with HDMI, SDI, LAN, and PoE. When you remove the need for a power cable, it’s brilliant! When you develop a camera that includes three video output connections, it’s empowering.

BZBGEAR’s new LVPTZ series are IP PTZ cameras with PoE and provide a range of optical zooms for various applications. The camera offers multiple video connections for video streaming, catering to Houses of Worship, classrooms, sporting events, presentations, and special events.

Zoom Ranges and Streaming Protocols

The LVPTZ series of PTZ cameras for live streaming supports optical zoom ranges available in 10X,12X, 20X and 30X. These optional zoom ranges offer flexibility for any application scenario. Also, the LVPTZ series supports ONVIF, RTSP, and RTMP streaming protocols over H.264/H.265 video compression. This means you can stream directly to popular media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Live Video Connections

Alternatively, use the HDMI or 3G-SDI video output connections. These connections are perfect for capturing HD video on a Media Streaming or USB Capture device. Additionally, these outputs are available for viewing the live stream in real-time by connecting to a local display. The three video output connections (HDMI, SDI, LAN) provides maximum adaptability when it comes to live video streaming.

PTZ camera for live streaming

Control Options

Control the Panning, Tilting, and Zooming movements with the included IR remote. Additionally, use the webGUI by typing in the IP address of the camera. The webGUI will allow you to find many optional settings for customizing the streaming quality.

However, for those projects requiring precision control, simply connect the unit to a 3rd party or a BZBGEAR Joystick Controller using either VISCA, PELCO-D, or PELCO-P protocols via the RS-232 or RS485 connections. The RS-232 and RS-485 ports allow you to integrate with larger control systems such as Crestron and Extron.

Integrating into a more extensive control system usually involves IP control. To do this, network and connect the PTZ camera for live streaming utilizing the compatible VISCA IP protocol. The protocols can be viewed in the ON-Screen menu using the remote control and a local display.

All-Around PTZ Camera

The BZBGEAR LVPTZ series cameras are top grade and adaptable, offering flexibility, reliability, and excellent functionality with a High-Definition 1080p picture. Whether you are hosting a podcast, live streaming a church service, teaching a virtual classroom, or showcasing a special event on Facebook Live, the BG-LVPTZ series cameras can do it all. Visit our online store,, to chat online or speak with one of our experts for a free consultation at 888.660.2962.