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In the last few years, multiviewers have became a standard piece of equipment in the broadcast & digital signage workflow. A platform that can come in different sizes and capabilities, today’s multiviewers have evolved to simple quad-split systems to large scale systems that consolidate routing and monitoring functions. It’s no wonder that making the right choice when searching for the right multiviewer may be overwhelming.

There are many avenues to consider when searching for the right multiviewer solution. Prior to purchasing, consumers should be aware of the number of sources and required amount of displays. The number of inputs and outputs is very important and a key factor as well. In addition, ease of installation, operation, maintenance and the need for future I/O expansion are significant parts that need to be duly noted.

We carry a range of advanced multiviewers from a 4 by 1 to as much as a 16 by 1 unit. In addition, the units we carry are equipped with several control options including RS-232, IR, 3rd party control systems or the front panel buttons. Depending on the format you are looking for whether it is HDMI, DVI, SDI or VGA we are an authorized reseller for many industry leading brands including Avenview, Apantac, Gefen, Kramer, SmartAVI, TV One and many others. Our agents are a phone call away for any assistance or questions you may have.