The Cost-Effective ANI-QUAD-MINI Multiviewer with Seamless Switching Technology is Making a Splash in the Industry.

Every so often we come across a product that is worth more than its price. In the AV industry, when we come across a product that offers seamless technology we often assume it comes with a heavy price tag. Well, not all seamless AV products will reach deep into our pockets, let alone work flawlessly.

A-NeuVideo has developed an outstanding product in the ANI-QUAD-MINI HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer. The QUAD-MINI provides simultaneously displays in real-time HDMI or DVI video from four different sources on a single screen. Utilizing the QUAD-MINI’s seamless technology, this unit can display the video sources in Picture in Picture (PIP), quad mode or full screen. Also, audio and video can easily be extended up to 250″ feet with the use of a single category cable. Let’s break down the awesome features of this affordable unit.

Quad Mode: The screen splits into four fields of equal size each displaying the entire contents of four different video sources. The resolution is fluid, real-time video performance with 60 frames per second (fps) in all four quadrants.

Full-Screen Mode: One of the four video sources displays full-screen at maximum resolution.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode: The full-screen displays one of the four video sources and is accompanied by three small thumbnails of the three other video sources. On the right side of the margin allows simultaneous monitoring of the other sources.

The video below is a great demonstration of how powerful and seamless the transitions are from mode to mode.


The ANI-QUAD-MINI has so much more to offer such as compliance with HDMI 1.3a and HDCP 1.2. This unit also supports up and down scaling functions and digital audio formats. When it comes to control, the front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232 and 3rd party controllers are supported. Click here to view the full specification sheet or call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.