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Component Video Converters

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Component Video Converters

Component video is a video signal that uses an analog interface similar to composite or S-Video. Component video requires less encoding compared to composite and S-Video and component can also transmit from 480i up to 1080p making it the most superior of analog interfaces. The cables used for component video do not carry audio and are typically paired with audio cables.

We carry a wide variety of Component converters for any type of application. Component converters allow the connection between component video source devices to a designated output signal such as HDMI. For example, if you own a DVD player that uses a component interface to transmit video and you want to connect it to a digital HDTV, you’ll need a component to HDMI converter. We also carry converters that can convert a digital signal to component. Whether it is for converting a component signal into another analog interface including composite or S-Video or digital such as DVI or HDMI and vice versa, we stock and carry different types of converters from industry leading brands.

Although component video is being phased out by digital interfaces including DVI and HDMI, component video sources as well as component converters are still widely used in university campuses, hospitals, home theater, nightclubs, banks and other commercial applications. We carry and stock component converters from Atlona, Gefen, Kramer, Shinybow, TVOne, Hall Research and many others. If you have any questions about component converters and if it’s what you need for your application, please call one of our proficient representatives for a free consultation.