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Digital Projection iVision 50-WUXGA-XB Projector/WUXGA 2700/5300x1 /1920x1200

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    Digital Projection
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    iVision 50-WUXGA-XB
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    20.00 lbs
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    3 Years
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  • Weight
    20 lbs
  • SKU
    iVision 50-WUXGA-XB
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    Digital Projection

Compact, 120 Hz, single-chip DLP projector

Crisp Imagery for Challenging Environments Designed for 24/7 operation, the iVision 50 product line combines impressive image quality with advanced features such as smear reduction, high frame rate capabilities, and low noise output to deliver an advanced single-chip display solution. Reliable and versatile, iVision 50 projectors excel in complex, multi-channel projection environments thanks in part to their impressive lens shift and peerless optical performance. A variety of simulation environments, including motion platform simulators, domed environments, and training facilities, will receive extensive value by employing iVision 50 displays. The iVision 50 XB produces imagery optimized for a balance between brightness and contrast.

Ideal for Residential Use In addition to simulation and training usage, the iVision 50's quiet operation, remarkably small form factor, and impressive balance of brightness and contrast make these displays ideal for medium screen media rooms and home entertainment. A wide selection of fixed and zoom lenses, paired with impressive lens shift capabilities, allow the installation of iVision 50 displays in unorthodox or otherwise impossible positions in regard to screen position.

HDBaseT Interface iVision 50 projectors enlist built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable via the HDBaseT interface. This allows the projector to be placed up to 100m from source with low cost cabling.

Show 2.35 & 1.78 Content Without an Anamorphic Lens For clients wanting to experience truly cinematic 2.35 movie content, as well as 1.78 HD content, the iVision 50 Scope delivers a truly distinct solution.  The iVision 50 moves seamlessly between the two aspect ratios, detecting the source material and switching to the appropriate display mode to ensure home entertainment enthusiasts are seeing their content the way it was meant to be seen.  And all without the added expense and design concerns of an external anamorphic lens.


Video & Graphics Processing

  • HDMI 1.4 for Side by Side, Frame Packing & Top Bottom 3D Formats.
  • Dual Head 3D converts any two L/R single stream signals to one sequential 120Hz 3D stream.
  • Synchronisation of active glasses or polarising switcher.
  • Dual Flash Processing can be used to multiply the displayed frame rate for 3D sources (example 144Hz display).
  • 24p and 1080p native display.
  • FastFrame™ Smear Reduction.
  • Frame lock sync for multi-channel applications.


  • Accurate matching of projectors in tiled or blended applications.
  • User selection and storage of primary and secondary color targets.

HDBaseT® Interface

  • Built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable.
  • Allows projector to be placed up to 100m from source with low cost cabling.