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TVlogic VFM-055A 5.5 inch 1920x1080 3G HD-SDI/HDMI OLED Viewfinder monitor with cast-aluminum body

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  • Weight
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The VFM-055A is a 5.5-inch OLED (organic LED) on-camera viewfinder monitor with native 1920x1080 resolution. It offers truly cinematic image quality with deep blacks, wide-gamut color reproduction, a very wide viewing angle, and support for multiple video formats via 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4 inputs. Useful functions include cinema camera log-to-linear LUT conversion, HDMI-SDI cross-converted output options.


  • Compatible with various SDI signals formats (SD/HD/3G)
    - This product is compatible with various SDI signals
    - 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1080psf
  • HDMI(with HDCP) Signal
    - This product is compatible with various HDMI signals.
  • HDMI To SDI / SDI To HDMI Conversion Output
    - This product features an HDMI To SDI conversion output so that video source from HDMI In terminal can be output through SDI Out terminal.
    - The SDI To HDMI conversion output is also supported. The video source from SDI In terminal can be output through HDMI Out terminal.
  • All-in-one type system
    - Slim and all-in-one type monitor that requires no additional accessories, for optimized space utilization..
  • Waveform/Vectorscope/Audio Level Meter Function
    - Waveform & Vector Scope
    - Embedded Audio Level Meter
  • Audio Out
    - Stereo Audio Out through phone Jack
  • Knob Control
    - Easy to adjust user confi guration using the control knob on the top of the monitor.
  • BLUE ONLY / MONO / Focus Assist/ H/V Delay Function
  • Range Error/Luma(Y’) Zone Check(Color/ Zebra Type) Function
  • Internal Pattern Generator (0~100% Gray/ ColorBar+Pluge)
  • Various Markers & Safety Areas
    - Center Marker, Safety Area Marker, Marker Mat, Marker Size, Fit Marker, Thickness Adjustment function
  • Pixel To Pixel/Zoom Function
    - Used to display the original image resolution without scaling to match a certain resolution or an aspect ratio.
    - Select ‘Pixel to pixel’ to display unscaled images, and select ‘Zoom’ to enlarge the original image.
    - Zoom Scroll Function (Left/Right, Top/Bottom)
  • Power
    - Basically, the product is powered by a normal DC source.
    - The product can be battery-powered. * DC 6.8~12V (Typical)
  • Additional features
    - Camera Mounting Hole x 8, Screen Tally Function, VESA Mounting Standard, 350cd/ m2 Brightness, 17,000 : 1 Contrast, OSD user interface.