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Ashly USB-3018 Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface

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Digital audio workstations (DAW) often use multitrack USB audio streams for I/O. The USB-3018 provides the digiMIX18 with 30 digital outputs and 18 inputs. See section 7 for details on how digital input and output channels are routed within the mixer, or refer to the block diagram in section 13.

The USB-3018 resolution & sampling rate is 24bit / 48KHZ.

Typical applications include multitrack recording from the mixer to a USB audio device, or playback of pre-recorded music from a USB audio device. One particularly useful application is to record a band live onto a multi-track DAW, then play it back through the mixer later for a "virtual" soundcheck before the musicians arrive. Visit the Ashly website knowledge base to review the Ashly application note digiMIX-AN-2 for virtual soundcheck details.

USB-3018 Device Driver - Purchase the USB-3018 audio interface module from an Ashly dealer and install in the digiMIX18 mixer as instructed in section 3.15. An ASIO device driver is required for Windows computers but is not required for Mac.

The USB multi-channel ASIO Windows device driver can be downloaded from the Ashly website digiMIX18 product page download section. Install the device driver on the PC before connecting it to the digiMIX18. The device driver will appear as an "ASIO" type device in the audio software's device list.

TIP: Detailed USB multichannel device driver installation and virtual soundcheck instructions are found in the Ashly application note , available in the Ashly website's digiMIX page App Notes section.

DAW Hardware Configuration - The digiMIX18 cannot re-configure it's internal channel mapping. You must have a working knowledge of your specific DAW hardware and software for proper configuration of channel mapping, recording, and playback properties.