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Digital Projection TITAN 1080p LED-3D Projector 1080p 2000/2000x1 /1920x1080

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    Digital Projection
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    TITAN 1080p LED-3D
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    90.00 lbs
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    3 Years
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  • Weight
    90 lbs
  • SKU
    TITAN 1080p LED-3D
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    Digital Projection

The world's first 3-chip LED projector for elite home entertainment and beyond

Beautiful andElegant Color that Breathes Life into your Content

Digital Projection's TITAN 1080p LED 3D is a high- quality projector that combines the long-time exactness and intensity of the TITAN product offering with the staggering color spectrum and dark levels of LED light. The TITAN LED's 2,000-lumen detail makes it unique from all other absolutely LED driven projectors, yet downplays the apparent picture brilliance and lucidity conveyed. Notwithstanding the higher sharpness, the TITAN LED enrolls DPI's Lifetime IlluminationĂ´ property, giving a for all intents and purposes support free imaging arrangement that never requires a light substitution.

A blend of reliably steady,long-haul light yieldand an especially low-upkeep light framework characterizes DP's TITAN LED displays. In this top grade projector, the RGB-based LED brightening framework dispenses with the requirement for a color shading wheel to deliver essential hues. Rather, red, green and blue LED's deliver essential shading illumination, rendering a unique array of colors and diverse color immersion without any color wheel banding or artifacts. Also, the TITAN 1080p LED 3D includes DP's FastFrame innovation, which guarantees quick moving picture displays up surprisingly sharp and free of movement spread - a vital concern when seeing quick moving images.

The Superiority of 3-chip DLP vs. 1-chip DLP The advantages of LED brightening versus lamp light lightening are broadly known, including unrivaled color execution, bring down in general expense of possession, less warmth and commotion delivered and no light substitution concerns. Similarly as convincing are the points of interest to 3-chip DLP/LED over single- chip DLP/LED shows. The shading array delivered by a 3- chip LED show is up to two times as wide as a solitary chip DLP/LED projector. Indeed, with DMDs devoted to every essential color, instead of the successive presentation of R, G, and B essential hues (as in single- chip), the TITAN 1080p LED all the while produces higher piece profundity, higher shading immersion and significantly higher quality images than single-chip DLP/ LED projectors. This gives outcomes in color execution that is genuinely unparalleled.

Shouldn't something be said about the LED Brightness Specification? Despite the fact that regularly estimated as less splendid than numerous light based projectors, LED projection frameworks are seen by the watcher as being significantly more brilliant than their deliberate luminance particulars, thanks partially to the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch impact (H-K impact). The International Electrotechnical Commission characterizes the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch impact as, "A change in brightness of perceived color produced by increasing the purity of a color stimulus while keeping its luminance constant within the range of photopic vision." In layman's terms, the H-K impact depicts a circumstance whereby if two color shading improvements sources with a similar luminance are thought about, the apparent brilliance instigated by the color shading upgrades of higher virtue will be higher than that of lower virtue. For what reason is this essential? Driven enlightened projectors deliver uncommonly high shading virtue and immersion, along these lines seeming significantly more splendid, some of the time up to 30% more brilliant, than a light-based presentation with comparable estimated lumen details.

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  • Digital Projection has developed a variant of its Titan projector that incorporates the latest LED illumination technology to provide amazing quality images.
  • These LEDs remain stable and consistent over many years of use, providing a colour gamut that goes way beyond the requirements of HDTV or cinema.
  • The stability of the colour and luminance is of particular value in multi-projector installations. The very high frame rate, low latency capabilities are perfectly suited to simulation.
  • Coupled with Digital Projection's advanced video processing technology, the new light sources provide the ideal reference quality display for home theatre, post production, visualisation and simulation installations.
  • * Takes into account Helmholtz- Kohlrausch effect. LED illuminated projectors produce extraordinarily high colour purity and saturation, thus appearing brighter than a lamp-based display with similar measured lumen specifications.