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Model: SB-3690

Atlona SB-3690 is a Pal to NTSC and or NTSC to Pal Digital converter.

Applications used for:

Atlona SB-3690 Digital Video Converter delivers high-quality converted pictures, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation. It is ideal for tape conversion, DVD players, digital camcorders, video editing & capture, multi-system VCR and multimedia applications.

  1. Tape conversion: You can exchange tapes with friends or relatives living abroad, or for business and education. PAL or NTSC (depends on the country you are in) VCR is required to do this. ( Note: if you have a Pal or NTSC tape then you have to have a VCR that is able to play that tape as well as a converter, you will not be able to play Pal tape in the NTSC VCR and so as you will not be able to play NTSC tape in a Pal VCR ). Make sure that you get an appropriate VCR when purchasing a converter.
  2. TVs: Take your NTSC American TV overseas or bring your PAL or SECAM TV to the USA . Using the high quality conversion quality of the Atlona SB-3690 to convert TV signals you can use any PAL or NTSC TV to view any type of broadcast signal in the world. Eliminating the need to buy a new multi-system TV set. Since this converter has a digital video processing, you will have a very low signal degradation, almost impossible to see the difference.
  3. International travel and relocation: You can use your video equipment with Atlona SB-3690 while traveling or relocating to a country using a different TV system.  Can be used for many business purposes such as: Airline, Ship and Train.
  4. Camcorders: Use your PAL camcorder in the USA or your NTSC camcorder overseas on a PAL TV. You can also convert movies from your camcorder. For example: Make a NTSC tape from a PAL camcorder using the SB-3690 to convert the signal.
  5. Computer: Use SB-3960 to connect your computer to standard TV or Projector, for gaming or presentation purposes. Also you would be able to view any of your home video equipment on computer monitor.

Why our converter is more expensive than $30 analog converters?

Analog converters can only work with only one Pal or NTSC standard and there is over 14 Pal formats and 2 NTSC formats. Also, analog converter will require a TV to have a vertical hold function, where most TV's no longer have it. Analog converters in most of the cases will not convert Frequency 50/60Hz and therefore will not work with many TV's.

Atlona SB-3690 is a digital converter, which means that it will handle any Pal or Secam or NTSC formats, convert frequency, real time conversion, no signal delay, will not require TV to have a vertical hold or any other special features. SB-3690 is guaranteed to work for all TV's and with all types of equipment.

Excellent features list:

  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion.
  • Use your PAL/SECAM equipment in a NTSC country and NTSC equipment in a PAL country
  • Very easy to use, one time set-up no additionial action needed.   
  • Uses a standard AV or S-Video or VGA connection to convert any input signal to any specified output source.
  • Recording is permitted from any of the outputs. You can take advantage of making copies out of devices which are plugged in. Most DVD  movies and VHS tapes.
  • Crisp and clear converted video. Latest video correction technology. You will even get better results on your video by using the SB-3690
  • Stand-alone and stylish compact design, light and portable for traveling.    Dimensions: 9.3"(W) x 5"(D) x 1.8"(H)
  • System condition memory. Converter remembers settings and returns to same input and output settings when turned back on
  • TV Screen Controls: Zoom, under scan, Up, Down, Left or Right options to adjust video from computer to the TV display.
  • LED Lamp shows current input and output video signal   
  • Detects input manually between: All Pal, All SECAM, All NTSC systems
  • Universal power adapter, which will work in any country in the world
  • Built-in Color Bar ( for the best image reproduction )
  • 2mb field memory. ( Please don't think that 12mb or 15mb converters will give you better image, as we tested our competitors converters and there is only 2mb used. Chip-set which is used on those converters is not able to support more memory anyway. It is just a marketing strategy )

Audio: Au

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