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Barco R9023228 F32 1080 3D 4000 lumens VizSim Bright Projector/No lens/Pearl White

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The Pearl White F-32 1080p Multimedia Projector with VizSim Bright color wheel from Barco is a professional installation projector adaptable to a range of small and medium venue applications - especially where high image quality is demanded even under less than ideal conditions. The projector features a brightness of up to 4000 lumens (depending on settings), has a native 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition to its native aspect ratio and resolution, through internal scaling the F32 can accommodate a wide range of formats, from 480p SD all the way up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200).

The F32 features connectivity to accommodate a variety of sources. There are HDMI and DVI inputs for HDTV and digital computer sources. There is a VGA port for analog computer sources or for integration with existing A/V installations. For analog video, there are composite, component, and S-video inputs, that between them cover most sources, whether SD or HD. Finally, there is a 5-BNC port which can be used with an RGBHV or YUV component signal and can also accept a VGA signal using a separately available BNC to VGA adapter.

For remote operation, there is an Ethernet port that enables control across a local network, and there is an RS-232 port with loop-through for integration with automation systems such as Crestron. A USB port enables direct operation from a computer. Finally, there are two 3.5mm 12V LVC trigger ports so that the projector can actuate another appliance with A/V integration, such as a motorized projection screen.

Versatile Lens Options

The following lenses are compatible with the projector:

  • EN11 Standard projection lens
  • E12 Ultra Wide Angle lens
  • EN13 Wide Angle Zoom
  • EN14 Short Tele Zoom lens
  • EN15 Wide Angle lens
  • Long Tele Zoom
  • EN33 Wide Angle lens
  • 1-19036 Hemispherical lens
  • HR95 Hemispherical

DLP Imaging System

The F32 features a DLP imaging device with a VizSim Bright color wheel, which offers better contrast and color reproduction than many comparable LCD-based systems. In addition, DLP technology is unaffected by UV light yielding more consistent performance over its lifetime than many alternative technologies. Its performance is further enhanced by 10-bit per channel image processing for smoother color gradations that 8-bit systems.

The Right Color Wheel for Your Configuration

The F22 is available with a range of color wheel options, including High Brightness, Graphics, or VizSim, each with specific characteristics. As the VizSim color wheel focuses on color quality, it lowers color cross-talk and contamination, and reduces artifacting. The Graphics version offers a lower saturation but higher brightness for general AV use, and the High Brightness option provides high-brightness while retaining accurate color reproduction. This particular projector features the High Brightness (MKIII) color wheel.

RealColor Color Management

RealColor is a color management calibration suite that enables edge blending for an unlimited number of projectors, designed to ensure uniform images for multi-channel installations. It provides a quick way to calibrate and set up perfect images - allowing you to adjust them simply by changing characteristics such as color temperature. RealColor works by mathematically calculating each color independently.

Intelligent Active Cooling

The F32 features intelligent active cooling of the entire system for reduced noise and extended reliability and lifetime. Using the thermo-electric cooling principle, power is applied to actively cool key elements throughout the projector

VIDI Lamp Technology

Philips' VIDI technology enables dynamic lamp driving over time, and enhances image quality through reducing grey scale artifacts, boosting color saturation, increasing contrast, and improving lamp stability. Unlike typical non-VIDI based projectors, the lamp power is digitally controlled, as is its performance over time

Stereo 3D Support

The F32 features INFITEC EX 3D support, a stereoscopic 3D technology based on interference filters that sees use in cinema projection and other professional visualization applications