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Apantac MiniDL-2 2 MODULAR Cascadable 4 input Multiviewer/2-HDMI/2-SDI

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The MODULAR 4 Input Multiviewer is cascadable up to 40 inputs. The device is easy to configure with its Dashboard control. It supports mixed format input such as 2+2 (2 HDMI + 2 SDI), 1+3 (1 HDMI + 3 SDI), 3+1 (3 HDMI + 1 HDMI). The unit has a low power consumption of 17W. You can cascade up to 10 modules together. You can also cascade the Multiviewer with OG-MiniQ and OG-Mini-DE-II modules to make a mix and match format multiviewer. The Multiviewer decode up to 4 channels embedded audio per input.

It features Dynamic UMD/labels & Tallies (TSL) as well as Ethernet for configuration.

The device allows simultaneous HDMI/DVI and SDI outputs. The unit allows 2 GPI tallies per window and also allows configuration of 8 GPI contacts for tally or ASCII protocol. You can turn borders on or off.

Background and text colors have adjustable transparency. It has safe area markers.

The OG-Mini-DL-2+2 (2 slots) accommodates two (2) HDMI Inputs, two (2) SDI Inputs. The unit supports a single BNC Output, one (1) HDMI Output. It features a single 3-pin Connector for AA Out and one (1) RJ50 for GPI/Tally

Standard Accessories for RM includes RJ50 to DB9 for GPI, DB9 to Terminal Block for GPI, two (2) Type D (HDMI) Male to Type A (HDMI) Female cable, two (2) HD-BNC to BNC cable.