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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 in. W x 4.75 in. D x 2.5 in. H

AC Power

Under-voltage shutoff 86V ± 6V
UL 1449 3rd Edition Voltage Protection Rating 400V
Thermal Fusing Yes
Surge Response Time < 1 nanosecond
Single Pulse Energy Dissipation 1650 Joules
Protection Modes L-N, L-G, N-G
Protect or Disconnect™ Circuitry Yes
Power Cord 8 ft fixed
Plug Type straight
Peak Impulse Current 52,000 A
Over-voltage shutoff 138V ± 8V
Maximum Current Rating 15A
Line Voltage 120VAC, 50/60Hz
Initial Clamping Level 200 Volts
EMI / RFI Noise Filtration 65 dB (100KHz - 1 MHz)
Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) Circuit Yes

10/100/1000 Base-T LAN Protection

TIA-568-C.2 Performance CAT5e
Protection Modes All pins to ground
Pins Protected RJ-45, pins 1-8
Clamping Level 62V

Telephone Protection

Protection Modes Metallic & Longitudinal
Pins Protected RJ-11/45, pins 4, 5
Clamping Level 260V
Capacitance 30 pf (approx.)

2 Outlets Telco/LAN Surge Protector

FIREWALL FOR NOISE™ CIRCUITRY This technology provides enhanced Neutral-to-Ground Noise Filtration for your digital office equipment. EMI/RFI noise can contaminate the equipment safety ground, which in turn will contaminate the connected digital equipment, and prevent it from operating at peak performance levels.

GFCI COMPATIBILITY This circuit features an improved 2-stage common-mode architecture that provides compatibility for GFCI's and NEC article 250.6. Complies with UL 1283 : Electromagnetic Interference Filters.

NOISE FILTRATION Circuitry prevents EMI/RFI noise from contaminating the connected digital equipment through the ground wiring.

AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE MONITORING (AVM) This power monitoring system acts as a gate to prevent unsafe voltages from damaging sensitive electronic equipment. It automatically detects a prolonged over-voltage or under-voltage and disconnects the power to the connected equipment, then reconnects it when the power returns to a safe level. It even protects the MIP-15LT unit.

SIGNALPERFECT™ TELEPHONE LINE PROTECTION Two pairs of RJ-11 phone jacks are available to protect two, single-line telephone modem (pins 4,5 protected) with fuseless Auto-Resetting technology and optimized circuitry to ensure a clean, clear signal.

WIRING FAULT SAFETY SHUTOFF This technology will detect a miswired wall receptacle or an open-ground by monitoring the voltage between neutral and ground. If an unsafe condition exists, the MIP-15LT will disconnect the power from the connected equipment.

CAT5E ETHERNET LAN PROTECTION RJ-45 jacks are available to protect one Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T network conection (all pins protected).


  • AVM (AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE MONITORING) Protects equipment against prolonged over/ under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns.
  • Separate protection circuits for 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet and telephone.
  • CAT5e LAN Protection In/Out RJ-45 bi-directional connectors
  • Unsafe Power Indicator light
  • Line Fault Indicator light
  • Ground OK Indicator light
  • Power/Filtration OK Indicator light
  • Three-stage, GFCI Compatible filter circuit provides high levels of Normal and Common mode EMI/RFI noise filtration.
  • SURGE PROTECTION Exclusive Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment
  • Eight foot power cord
  • Two rubber strips running the length of the product provide a non-slip grip and prevent marring surface
  • RJ-11 In/Out connectors (2 telco cables included)
  • Two Always-on AC outlets
  • Includes security lock to prevent theft

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