Why PureLink’s Brilliant Digital Signage Solution is Excellent for Commercial Systems

Innovation and quality are the foundations PureLink has used to become a leading provider of commercial AV and digital connectivity solutions. A pioneer of remarkable matrix-switching, signal distribution, format conversion, and extension systems, PureLink is committed to supporting any consumer or commercial application. This year’s historic InfoComm 2016 prompted innovation from PureLink, and our BZBtv team caught a glimpse of what to expect.

Our guys were able to snatch Keith Frey, Purelink’s Senior Product Manager. He gave our team an overview and demo of their latest product. The PureStream MPX100 Network Digital Signage Player is a full media player with built-in wifi that supports Full HD (1080p). This brilliant digital signage player distributes and manages each display using video over IP plus advanced decoding features that support a wide array of media formats. The video below is an excellent example of how the MPX100 can be used and controlled.