Watch Every Game with Key Digital’s KD-HD4X4Lite Matrix Switcher System

How cool would it be to switch four standard or HD, 3D and up to 4K signals on any display? That’s what Key Digital’s KD-HD4X4LITE switcher can do and it is a product that is readily available to the public. This is a great unit for a home theater system or any residential application where you want to be able to control devices in multiple zones. Key Digital has done their research in producing a high-quality matrix switcher with built-in Compass-control. If you are new to KD’s Compass-control technology, it’s a fully integrated control system that Key Digital built from the ground up that uses Apple’s iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® – as its backbone. That’s huge because everyone and their grandmothers own some type of Apple device.

The KD-HD4X4LITE matrix switcher supports a wide variety of HDMI-enabled devices plus KD-CATHD250POH signal extenders for use with your existing equipment. With Flexible connectivity options, you’ll be able to switch any four HDMI devices to four HDMI and 4 Cat-5e or Cat-6 simultaneously active outputs. I almost forgot to mention that this matrix switcher includes four KD-CATHD250POHRx receivers that also act as extenders. These receivers also include four KD-IRE3501F IR emitters to control IR controllable devices. Another great feature is KD’s full buffer technology which enables seamless switcher and viewing or sources to displays plus full buffering of HDCP and EDID signals. In addition, deep color is supported up to 12 bits per color to ensure a rich & vibrant picture.

KD lite

We sell many matrix switchers here at BZB Express and we certainly test them out to learn more. The KD-HD4X4LITE is a robust product that does what it says it will do. The switching was seamless direct from our iPad and iPhone. We applaud Key Digital for putting together a very intuitive control system in Compass-control and it was certainly user-friendly. We highly recommend this product for residential use. Almost every home has at least 3-4 TV’s, so it makes sense to integrate a system such as the KD-HD4X4LITE. This unit is ideal for home theaters, especially if you own a dvd or blu-ray player, cable box, game console or any HDMI source. This unit is great for any multi-zone application and is not limited to the home. Give us a call for more information and availability regarding this unit.