Totally Modular 32×32 DVI Matrix with Options for Inputs/Outputs and Signal Extension Modules by Gefen

At NAB show, Las Vegas, Nevada, Gefen presents a new Modular 32×32 DVI Matrix switch that gives users an option to design a custom matrix with multiple combinations of input/output modules. This unit can switch 32 video sources to any 32 displays in a one-to-many or one-to-one configuration, just like fixed matrix does. The ability of this matrix to give users flexibility in choosing the number of input/output configurations makes it exceptionally suitable for every application. For optimal output, the combination of up to four 8-output DVI or non-DVI slots can be installed. Also a combination of four 8-input DVI or non-DVI slots are available for purchase.

Hagai Gefen, president and CEO, Gefen explains: “You have all the choices you need. If you only need 16 DVI inputs going to 32 outputs, you can build that configuration with this modular matrix. Because you can order modules in groups of 8-inputs and 8-outputs to create the ultimate combination for your system, this matrix can save you money if you need less than full capacity while giving you the freedom to design your ideal matrix.”

This 32×32 Modular DVI Matrix outputs all video as DVI and supports various input formats such as DisplayPort. It converts all inputs to DVI output, and further enhances overall performance. It supports high resolutions up to 1920×1200. Users can switch and control the unit through RS-232, IR remote, front-panel push buttons, or IP control with a web interface. Extensive EDID management, redundant hot-swappable power supplies and output masking control are additional key features of this device.
Optional extension modules:

To extend up to eight DVI sources up to 330 feet via a single CAT5 cable for each display, the 8x DVI ELR/POL (Extra Long Range/Power Over Line) sender module can be used. The receiver unit next to the display can be powered using POL, therefore no power supply is necessary at the receiver side. If all connected displays require remote installation-32 display extension can be created, by using multiple DVI ELR/POL modules

The 8x DVI FO (Fiber Optic) modular extension system allows sending signals from up to eight DVI sources up to 1640 feet via single fiber optic cable terminated in SC connectors for each display. This module should be used in the environments,  where Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) must be taken into consideration. To create a greater or lesser distribution of displays, multiple 8xDVI FO modules can be combined.

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