Seamless 4K Switcher KD-MLV4x2

‘Tis The Season to Enhance Every One’s Spirit with A Seamless 4K Switcher

Why do the holidays always seem to get in the way of your entertainment? Your sister, her husband and their three kids are coming over and guess what, so are your parents. The problem is they are coming over when your favorite NFL team will be playing a divisional game. It’s been fourteen years since they made the playoffs and finally, a winning season; there is no way you’re going to miss this game. How will you watch the game when you know the kids want to watch a ‘Christmas Story’ with their grandparents? It may be time to add a seamless 4K switcher to your entertainment center.

Seamless 4K Switcher at your Fingertips

Rest assured; we’ve got your back! For every AV challenge, there is a BZB solution! Allow us to introduce to you the KD-MLV4x2 multiview seamless 4K switcher ideal for any 4K panel. Integrate this brilliant device to your home entertainment system and expand your family experience during the holidays. Imagine hooking up your cable box, Blu-ray player, a PC, and a PS4 game console to a seamless 4K switcher with the luxury of viewing any of the HDMI source inputs full screen, not to mention multi-view modes including a quad view.

What if we told you that this seamless 4K switcher also has matrix switching features. Matrix switching functionality means you can take any of the four HDMI source inputs and display any of them on a second screen. This unit is a four input to two output multi-viewer with seamless matrix switching. If you have a 2nd TV connected to this device, the multi-view functions are also available on both TVs. This affordable system has you covered for the holidays, including watching your favorite team make the most of the postseason while enjoying priceless moments with your family.