video wall system

The Video Wall System That Can Change Anyone’s Perspective

Video walls are huge in the digital signage industry especially in venues such as retail stores, sports atmospheres, hospitality, transportation locations and many more. Sales on video walls are expected to rise in 2016, so it’s expected that the best brands will step forward with their best products. With that said, we are excited to introduce an awesome new product from Avenview, the HDM-AVXPRO-4K 4-Display 4K Video Wall.

The HDM-AVXPRO-4K Video Wall Processor is unique in its own right and will allow the user to display a single input to four displays in various layouts. Displaying content on your flat screen or projectors is enhanced  with real-time data/video through processing chips. A key feature a user will be looking for is a control software that is easy to configure. Avenview’s AVXPRO includes its own control software for controlling layouts including 1×1, 1×3, 1×4, 2×2 and mosaic. The AVXPRO can accept DVI and HDMI source inputs/outputs which includes an embedded scaler that can match the native resolution of monitors, projectors, flat panels that are connected to the four outputs. Of course, this unit can send and support 4K via DVI/HDMI interface to the connected display.


Keep an eye out for this product in 2016. The HDM-AVXPRO-4K Video Wall Processor covers the key elements many shoppers are looking for in a video wall which are good bezel compensation, control software, simple set-up & operation, web server interface, and high-quality image processing.