HDMI Repeater

The Most Compact HDMI Repeater & Scaler for 4K and Any Audio Format

4K Resolution has become the standard when it comes to TVs, Projectors, Screens, and other displays. Currently, it’s common to have a mixed environment of 4K and 1080P displays and source devices. In these situations, it’s also common to have conflicts between source devices and the connected Display. Some of the effects can result in long delays between source switching, flickering, and even no picture at all.

With that said, BZB Gear is excited to announce a new product in their catalog to combat the conflict between 4K and 1080 devices. They are introducing the BZ-PT-SH2, a compact HDMI Repeater & Scaler for 4K Resolution and any audio format. Our team at BZB Express TV has created a video on how the BZ-PT-SH2 works below. That may be more suitable than reading if you’re more of a visual type.

4K Upscaler HDMI Repeater

If you have a 1080P source device, this unit will assist in upscaling that Source to 4K, enhancing the overall picture for a cleaner and sharper appearance. The BZ-PT-SH2 amplifies and equalizes the HDMI signal to provide high-quality audio and video. Furthermore, the unit can extend HDMI signals over a long cable with support for multiple layers cascading.

How About Downscaling?

If you have a 4K Source and your 1080P Display is having issues with the signal, the BZ-PT-SH2 will enable you to manually down-convert the transmission to a 1080P resolution that the Display will accept. The unit has a manual toggle button to set your desired Resolution.

HDMI Repeater

Besides offering the ability to Upscale/Downscale signals, the BZ-PT-SH2 will repeat the HDMI signal. Users can take up to a 45ft HDMI cable from the Source device to the Scaler Input and Output using up to a 45ft HDMI cable, a total of 90ft for a 1080P signal.

Any Distance Limitations?

There are some limitations when it comes to the length of HDMI cable. For passing or upscaling a 4K signal, you can use up to 15ft long HDMI cable from the Source to the Input of the Scaler. From the HDMI output of the unit, you can use up to a 25ft HDMI Cable.

What About Audio?

When it comes to Audio Formats, the BZ-PT-SH2 has you well covered. The unit will pass Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, LPCM 2CH, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby Atmos. Additionally, a secure audio sampling rate up to 192 kHz frequency is supported.

Overall, the BZ-PT-SH2 is a compact, yet functional unit for assisting with setting fixed resolutions. TV’s that don’t support 4K or need a 4K signal to be downconverted to work with a 1080P Display is where the BZ-PT-SH2 is useful. If you have a specific situation and you’re not sure if the BZ-PT-SH2 is the right solution, we welcome you to give us a call. We also have an online chat on bzbexpress.com.