BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit

The Budget Friendly BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit Is Plug and Play Install

Are you seeking the best solution to extend an HDMI signal? Maybe you’re searching for a low-cost HDMI Extender Kit that delivers excellent performance when it comes to sending a High Definition 1080p video signal up to 164ft. Look no further, you just found it!

BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit

BZB GEAR’s compact BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit allows you to extend HD Video Signals to remote TV Display locations effortlessly. It’s as simple as plug, play, and watch. While we’re on the subject of watch, you can see our expert, Chris Graham install the kit seamlessly, below. You can also visit our YouTube Channel, BZB Express TV to view our latest demos, installs, and tech trends videos.

The practical BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit offers the flexibility to use either CAT6/6a or CAT5e as the method of transmission. If you already have existing CAT5e in the walls, this unit will work without having to rerun new cables. Furthermore, the kit can be utilized in many custom applications via HDMI Loop out port located on the transmitter. It is perfect for a local monitor or an HDMI splitter like the BZB-DA-14 (1×4) for signal distribution to multiple mirrored Displays.


As we know, 4K is here to stay. Although 4K is not being broadcasted yet by service providers, there are still many folks that have existing 1080p displays. These TV’s are located in guest rooms, garages, patios, and even bathrooms that don’t require a 4K signal. The BZB-EXHD is a perfect fit for commercial establishments on a budget looking to expand their sports bar by installing more TV’s. For scenarios where a remote location is under 164ft, the BZB-EXHD offers one way IR control, including an IR Blaster and Receiver.

The BZB-EXHD HDMI Extender Kit supports PoE to simplify power concerns as well as Audio formats like DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. BZB Gear offers a 2-year warranty and Free Tech support, for this price you are getting an incredible deal. The BZB-EXHD is currently available on our online store, Please visit our site and speak with our experts via phone or online chat for any questions you may have.