BZB Express unveils BZB TV, a new platform for our existing clients and new customers to learn about the latest AV buzz, new technologies and products.

Our industry of Audio Video products continues to soar while progression and new technology are inevitable. With so many different manufacturers competing to release the latest and greatest products, we at BZB Express feel inclined to test, use and learn about these new products before reselling them. It is our due diligence to keep our clients informed and assess their application […]

The EXT-HD-3G-C HDMI to 3GSDI converter by Gefen will take your HDMI source and display on any SDI downstream equipment.

Today, we are previewing a new product developed by Gefen engineers and designers. The EXT-HD-3G-C is an HDMI to 3GSDI converter which allows the conversion of audio and video from HDMI to 3G-SDI with resolutions up to 1080p Full HD. In addition, audio formats up to 8 channels of LPCM 7.1 are supported. Some features of the EXT-HD-3G-C HDMI to 3GSDI […]

An exceptional solution for controlling four computers, Gefen’s EXT-DVIK-MV-41 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher.

We’ve got a great new product from Gefen that we’d like to preview and introduce to our clients, the Gefen EXT-DVIK-MV-41 Multiview Switcher. The EXT-DVIK-MV-41 Multiview Switcher is a great solution for monitoring and controlling four computers from a single monitor workstation or a dual monitor workstation. Gefen’s multiview switcher unit allows an operator to view up to 4 pictures on a […]

The EXT-3G-HD-C SDI to HDMI converter by Gefen is the solution you’ve been looking for to convert SDI to HDMI.

There are many applications when working with 3G-SDI signals including broadcasting environments, studio work, live staging and post production. There are also many cases in which you need to convert that 3G-SDI signal to HDMI to be able to view the data in a multi-media platform. If you can relate to this scenario, we’ve got a solution for you. Introducing Gefen’s […]

Gefen’s 4×4 HDBaseT HDMI Matrix Switcher, the GEF-HDFST-444-4ELR is what your home and business has been waiting for.

So your home has been revamped and refurnished with the most modern appliances, bookcases, cabinets and other trendy furnishings and all you need is a new AV system to connect your HDTV’s to. If you are in such a fortunate position to spend money to upgrade your home, then we’ve got a recommendation that may be the ‘cherry on top’ for […]

Gefen Toolbox introduces a lightweight and compact 4Kx2K matrix switcher for HDMI, the GTB-HD4K2K-642.

When I hear the words “matrix switcher” being tossed around I think of a large unit and rack mounts, right? Well, our long time partner Gefen has a brand new matrix switcher that has definitely changed my perception of matrix switchers and it may change yours too. Introducing the GTB-HD4K2K-642 matrix switcher for HDMI which is also 4K2K compatible by Gefen […]

Ultra High Definition TV aka 4K or UHDTV hardwares from Gefen forge the future.

Ultra High Definition television, also known as 4K or UHDTV, is starting to become the new standard that greatly enhances the picture quality and detail of 1080p HD. The trend is no longer buying larger and larger displays, but demand for higher picture resolution, and then larger displays. Ultra High Definition creates a movie theater quality experience right in your […]

NAB 2014 attendance from our premier brands such as AJA, Kramer Electronics, Gefen, Adder and Smart AVI.

The NAB 2014  (National Association of Broadcasters) is underway providing advancement in technology for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters. As the leader trade association for broadcasters, we are proud to announce the attendance of premier brands such as AJA, Kramer Electronics, Gefen, Adder and SmartAVI. NAB is the head advocate of broadcasters in our nation’s capital. The association depends […]

New game changing connectivity solutions from Gefen that’ll provoke competition.

Broadcasters preparing for installing Ultra HD (4k) displays can look to Gefen for a selection of signal distribution and integration solutions. Other new Gefen products provide critical behind-the-scenes connectivity for the latest in high definition offerings.   Ultra HD Splitters   Three new wall-mountable Splitters provide 1:2, 1:4 and 1:8 signal distributions. A single source using HDMI to transmit resolutions […]