How to Split an SDI Signal and Why It Is the Professional Standard

An SDI splitter takes an audio/video signal and “splits” it into many. SDI splitters distribute AV signals to multiple displays over long distances retaining maximum quality and providing minimal degradation. There are multiple SDI signals: 3G, 6G, and 12G. These are the bit rates of video. 3G transfers 3 Gbit/s of video data while 12G transfers 12 Gbit/s. 3G-SDI is […]

Ultra High Definition TV aka 4K or UHDTV hardwares from Gefen forge the future.

Ultra High Definition television, also known as 4K or UHDTV, is starting to become the new standard that greatly enhances the picture quality and detail of 1080p HD. The trend is no longer buying larger and larger displays, but demand for higher picture resolution, and then larger displays. Ultra High Definition creates a movie theater quality experience right in your […]