BZB Express unveils BZB TV, a new platform for our existing clients and new customers to learn about the latest AV buzz, new technologies and products.

Our industry of Audio Video products continues to soar while progression and new technology are inevitable. With so many different manufacturers competing to release the latest and greatest products, we at BZB Express feel inclined to test, use and learn about these new products before reselling them. It is our due diligence to keep our clients informed and assess their application […]

A Closer Look at BZB Express, a Company Dedicated to Quality, Efficiency and Reliability.

Since 2005, BZB Express has been dedicated to delivering outstanding services and high-quality products to our dearest customers. 10 years have passed and we are truly fortunate for the opportunity to provide excellent service. Below you’ll find a video which gives a glimpse of what BZB is all about. We dedicate this video to our loyal clients who gave us a chance […]

SmartAVI is ecstatic about their new line of real-time multiviewers, the HDMV-9X and HDMV-16X.

Our partner, SmartAVI has been manufacturing top quality AV products for years now. They’ve reached out to us with excitement since they have newly released their new line of real-time multiviewers, the HDMV-9X and HDMV-16X. These two multiviewers are capable of simultaneously viewing multiple sources on a single screen with a single touch of a button. Connections can be transmitted via HDMI and […]

Aphex, our new source for pro audio, recording and broadcasting products.

Aphex has been at the heart of professional audio, recording and broadcast for over 35 years. Aphex’s powerful audio enhancement technology instantly makes all your music, games and movies come to life. We are very pleased to announce that we have added Aphex as a new line to the BZB Express Catalog. BZB Express strives to deliver high quality Audio Visual products […]

Multiple format switcher for any type of project, the AT-HD-CLSO-612 by Atlona.

Atlona continues to expand their solutions portfolio and remains committed to designing innovative products that enable reliable AV signal distribution for both home and commercial environments. Their vision to deliver dependable and scalable AV signal routing from source to display while simplifying installation has been nothing short of successful. With that said, it’s no surprise that Atlona is moving forward […]

Our new partner, SmartAVI products adds a new range of high quality products for our customers.

We, at BZB Express are very optimistic about 2014 and our existing partners. We are confident in the products we carry and our search to continue providing cutting edge products will only grow in our competitive AV market.  With that said, we are happy to announce a new partnership with  SmartAVI. SmartAVI is a home grown all American AV Manufacturer […]

SunBriteTV for your all weather outdoor TV needs, partners with BZB Express.

At BZB Express, we constantly focus our efforts in learning about cutting edge technology in the AV market and what consumers are looking for. Online surveys and reviews have led us  to announce our partnership with SunBriteTV. For those that are not familiar with SunbriteTV products, their niche is the development or displays for any weather condition.  BZB Express is […]

We are excited to introduce Ophit as a new line of AV products to provide complete solutions and technologies for our valued customers.

We, at BZB Express are able to run our well oiled machine due to the fact that we supply excellent products for our customers. Similar to many fine tuned vehicles, an upgrade is always exciting and excited we are to debut a new line of products for the 2014 season. Ophit is an established leading manufacturer of cutting edge Audio-Video […]

A solution for non Pocc solutions; Atlona’s AT-PS-POCC will carry over your non Pocc units for the years to come.

Power over category cable (pocc) describes any of several standardized systems which pass electrical power along with data on a single cat5/6 cable. Unlike USB standard, the benefit of Pocc is the transmission of data and power over a long distance. The Pocc feature is standard with many AV devices currently, however there are still many perfectly working devices that […]