What is Seamless Switch Technology?

Professional AV solutions are increasingly used to deliver timely information and targeted HD content to consumers and businesses. Nowadays, various video displays and digital signage are everyplace utilized in corporate facilities, airports, terminals, university campuses, hospitals, government offices and retail stores. They are in wide use in business-critical applications such as industrial monitoring, traffic control, surveillance, entertainment and gaming, and […]

The Cost-Effective ANI-QUAD-MINI Multiviewer with Seamless Switching Technology is Making a Splash in the Industry.

Every so often we come across a product that is worth more than its price. In the AV industry, when we come across a product that offers seamless technology we often assume it comes with a heavy price tag. Well, not all seamless AV products will reach deep into our pockets, let alone work flawlessly. A-NeuVideo has developed an outstanding […]