Stem Audio Ecosystem

Stem Audio Debuts Complete Conference Room Ecosystem

Stem Audio, the new subsidiary of Phoenix Audio, debuted their revolutionary conference room solution in the Stem Audio Ecosystem at InfoComm 2019. The Stem Audio Ecosystem is tout to be a complete toolbox of five networkable devices that can be mixed and matched into any meeting environment. The system design aims to relieve the hardships experienced by IT professionals and everyday users. In addition, the Stem Audio Ecosystem consists of three audio devices (Wall, Table, and Ceiling) along with Control and Hub (used when multiple devices are in the same room).

Complete Stem Audio Ecosystem



Stem Audio Ecosystem wall
Stem Audio Ecosystem table
Stem Audio Ecosystem ceiling


After listening to their customers’ needs, Stem Audio determined customers don’t want just a single device. They want an ecosystem that works in unison on a single platform, maximizing their audio capabilities. The Stem Audio Ecosystem features game-changing abilities. RoomDesign allows users to virtually design a room by dragging and dropping devices and instantly seeing the estimated audio pickup coverage. Furthermore, eliminating the guesswork of the audio coverage enables users to determine the correct devices in a matter of minutes.


Stem Audio Ecosystem control
Stem Audio Ecosystem hub


Another is RoomCheck to simplify the audio check phase when verifying successful connections. After all devices are installed, and with the controller in hand, simply walk around the room and as you speak RoomCheck will begin building a real-time heat map representing the intelligibility of your voice. This goes beyond the volume of your voice, incorporating advance algorithms that will detect the actual clarity of your speech. Basically, the software gives feedback on how the audio is performing based on the acoustic signature of the room. The Stem Audio Ecosystem’s design aims to sit on the network host software for user friendly control.


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