Shinybow 8×8 HDMI Switcher SB-5688CK Review

Searching for a reliable 8×8 Matrix Routing Switcher for a specific application is not easy. The integrator has to prepare and research the sources & displays being integrated as well as know the distances between them. Also, what is the budget of the client and are there other units such as receivers that come into play.

With those things in mind, we want our clients to consider the  Shinybow SB-5688CK, 8×8 matrix routing switcher. Shinybow continues to vanguard cost-effective and great quality AV signal converters, splitters, distribution amplifiers, analog and digital video extenders, presentation switchers  and modular matrix routing switchers. The video below is an overview of Shinybow’s new 8×8 UHD 4k2k HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher.

The Shinybow SB-5688CK has 8 HDMI inputs and 8 HDMI/HDBaseT outputs. The SB-5688CK is based on the HDBaseT standard and supports full HDMI video resolution with embedded EDID and PoH function. In addition, audio, RS-232, Ethernet and bi-directional IR over a single CATx cable using Shinybow SB-6335R HDBaseT receivers is supported. The switcher is certified as being fully CEC and HDCP 2.0 compliant, full HD 4K2K HDMI V1.4a, 3D formats, data rates up to 6.75 Gbps. The unit also supports UXGA/WUXGA/DVI 1920×1200 resolutions to any HD displays. The use of an IR remote combined with the HDBaseT transmitter allows the user to connect a source to a remote location. Similarly, the HDBaseT output and HDBaseT receiver SB-6335R allows the user to connect a display to a remote location. EDID management features eight different modes the user can select. Control is available via front-panel push buttons, IR remote, RS-232 or TCP/IP.

The SB-6335R HDBaseT Receiver supports reception of HDMI, IR, and RS-232 signals via HDBaseT.
The receiver uses single category LAN cable CAT6, CAT6a or CAT7 (UTP or FTP) with RJ-45 8P8C connector and supports 568a or 568b color specification table. The SB-6335R provides the higher full HD HDMI resolutions 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p and 4K2K quality that are identical to the source to the HD destination display. Receiver signals are useful with HDMI digital video, digital multi-channel audio signals, IR and RS-232 series interface via single category cable from the HDBaseT Transmitter.