HS-1500T Mobile Cast

Datavideo HS-1500T Mobile Cast Is The Ultimate One Operator Portable Live Video Production Kit

The Datavideo HS-1500T Mobile Cast bundle is the ultimate portable live video production and streaming solution. The kit is ideal for many applications such as schools, corporate, live events, church, and Government.

This single operator solution streamlines your workflow using high-quality and low latency AV over IP protocol called HDBaseT. Communication between the Datavideo PTZ Camera and video switcher uses a single cat6e cable. It provides power, video, camera control, and tally simplifying your setup and streamlining your workflow.

Datavideo’s Director of Business Development, Rob Read, shows us how easy it is to set up the entire kit.


HS-1500T Mobile Cast Switcher


The very portable and compact HS-1500T Mobile Cast is at the heart of this single-operator system. Its suitcase-style form factor with handle opens up in minutes and contains everything that you need to produce professional results. It has a built-in 17″ broadcast quality monitor, and it includes special effects like keying for lower 3rd graphics and title overlays, Scalable PIP, split-screen, wipes, and cross-dissolve transitions.

HS-1500T Mobile Cast

More importantly, the HS-1500T has built-in PTZ remote camera control. The tactile controls include joystick for pan/tilt functions and z-dial for zoom. Also, you can store and recall up to 4 memory position presets per camera. Accessing the menu functions on each camera can be done directly from the switcher, genuinely making this high-quality production system effective for a single operator.

PTC-140T Camera

The PTC-140T cameras are the latest 20x optical zoom PTZ Cameras from Datavideo and provide professional results for IMAG, streaming, and recording your events. Connect the cameras with a single cat6 cable directly to the switcher offers quick setup in minutes. Place your PTZ cameras on standard tripods using the ¼ mount, run your single cat6 cable up to 100 meters to the switcher, and you are setup. Power over Ethernet from the HS-1500T ensures no need to power the cameras locally and doesn’t require a network to connect.

HS-1500T Mobile Cast

Add Ons

Additional options to consider include the NVS-33, a video streaming encoder, and an MP4 recorder. The unit has an SD port for recording and a network port, allowing users to stream and record simultaneously. The device includes an HDMI and SDI input, while the front panel buttons make it easy to stream, record, or do both simultaneously. The NVS-33 is very easy to operate and makes a great addition to the HS-1500T bundle.

HS-1500T Mobile Cast

The TLM-700K is a 7″ field monitor featuring a Full HD LCD panel in 16:9 aspect ratio. The design is perfect for on location with cameras, supporting UHD 4K. Focus peaking is swift and precise, with its auxiliary focus and zoom functions. Additionally, the screen has shortcut buttons for quick custom functions such as peaking filter, audio lever meter, histogram, markers, check field, etc. The TLM-700K is customized for professional camcorders and all kinds of DSLR. It is ideal for many applications and a great addition to the HS-1500T bundle.

HS-1500T Mobile Cast

Lastly, to round up the entire package is Datavideo’s precision laser cut case, HC-800 supports up to 3 PTC-140T cameras, power supply for the HS-1500T, and space for cat6e cables and a small program monitor. Wheel in your custom camera case and hand carry the HS-1500T, and you are ready to produce live events anywhere.

HS-1500T Mobile Cast

A Bundle of Bundles

The HS-1500T Mobile Cast bundle is available in four packages with BZB Express. The base package, HS-1500T2CAM, includes the HS-1500T and 2x PTC-140T cameras. If you need an extra camera, we recommend the HS-1500T3CAM.

The second tier to this package is the HS-1500T-2C-S, and it includes the HS-1500T, 2x PTC-140T cameras, and the NVS-33. There is also a 3x PTC-140T camera option for this package, HS-1500T-3C-S.

For more details on the ultimate One Operator HS-1500T Mobile Cast bundles, please give us a call at 1.888.660.2962. We also have an online chat on bzbexpress.com, where you can browse all our products and possibilities for your application. You can also catch our team reviewing, demoing, and keep up with the latest tech trends on our YouTube channel, BZB Express TV.