New Gefen ToolBox and GefenPRO HDMI Matrix Switchers with Advanced Features

Gefen introduces three new matrix switchers, that include such advanced features as Gefen FST (Fast Switching Technology), that provides an instant switching between sources, and eliminates the common problems when switching sources using HDMI. High performance of cross-point matrix switcher is achieved through the streamlined HDCP handshake.

New switching and control abilities like 3DTV pass through, built-in EDID management, and IP control through a web interface with Telnet support are featured in these new matrix switchers. These devices can be upgraded at the field through IP control or RS-232. 24/7 tech support is available for all GefenPRO products.

The 8×8 HDMI FST Matrix by Gefen ToolBox has eight HDMI inputs, eight HDMI outputs and comes  in a slender wall-mountable enclosure. Full cross-point routing is enabled in this unit, therefore each source can be switched at the same time to one or more displays. Easy automation and access are provided by RS-232 connectivity.

The 8×8 HDMI Matrix w/4 ELR POL by GefenPRO provides full cross point routing within all eight sources and displays using HDMI. It ensures the flexibility while connecting four displays locally and extending four displays remotely using ELR technology based on HDBaseT for up to 330 ft. To reach a remote location only one CAT5 cable is used. The receiver units, located next to remote displays don’t need a power supplies thankfully to a Gefen’s POL (Power over Line) technology, that allows to send power over the same cable.

The 8×8 HDMI Matrix w/8 ELR POL by GefenPRO can send signals to all eight displays, located up to 330 ft. away with bi-directional IR extension using  Gefen ELR technology via one CAT5 cable for each location. Gefen’s POL technology together with ELR technology eliminates power requirements for the receivers at all locations, and provides flexibility for the installation. This unit ensures full cross-point switching between all eight sources and displays. It also has such features as IP remote, RS-232, online firmware upgrades, front panel switches, and internal power supplies.