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MultiView Seamless Matrix Switcher can turn any 4K Display into Digital Signage

The multiviewer is a standard in the broadcast industry, but with its evolution and display appeal, it has become very popular in the digital signage industry. Multiviewer platforms today come in many sizes and options in viewing such as quad-split solutions to large-scale systems for routing and monitoring functions. When searching for the right multiviewer for your application, a few things to consider are the number of inputs and outputs, resolutions that are supported, layout modes and the ease of control.

The KD-MVL4x2 by Key Digital is a 4 input to 2 outputs multiviewer with seamless switching capability. This new unit supports Ultra HD and 4K up-scaling while allowing the user to explore different multi-view layouts such as quadrant mode or multi-view mode. When it comes to control, besides the front panel this unit can also be controlled via IR, RS-232, TCP-IP and web control.



Let’s examine the key features of this awesome device.

HDMI Matrix Switching: Users can take any four HDMI/analog sources to any two HDMI outputs with the option of full-screen and quadrant modes.

Seamless Switching: Screen transitions are clean and flawless during source selection in any mode.

Resolution Support: SD, HD, & VESA resolutions are supported up to 1080p.

Analog to Digital Video Conversion: This unit supports VGA / DB15 or Component signal types

Ultra HD/4K Up-scaling: Outputs are set to independently upscale to Ultra HD and 4K in 4K Quadrant mode.

Multi-View Window Processing: The user can create and store custom layouts, recall custom presets in quadrant mode and multi-veiw mode.

Window Transparency and Border: Content can be viewed through each other with the option to choose window bezel width and coloring

Image Layering: Images can be stacked with customizable priority settings

Audio De-Embed: The selected input audio can be de-embedded via coax digital (PCM) output or HDMI output

Independent Video & Audio Matrixing: Whether in quadrant mode or multi-view mode the user can listen to any audio source.

Control System Support: Third party control systems are supported or use KD’s Compass Control System.

Control: This box is easily controlled via front panel buttons, Serial IR, TCP-IP, Optical IR, Web Control or RS-232.

Below is a great example of how the KD-MLV4x2 can be set up for a retail or sports bar business:

KD app Example


The KD-MLV4x2 Multiview Seamless Switcher from Key Digital is available now and can be purchased directly from our website. We understand if you may have questions regarding this product and we encourage you to give us a call and speak with one of our experts at 888-660-2962.