Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Modernize Every Meeting For Efficiency with a Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Many businesses today are utilizing a Collaboration Presentation switcher as a critical component in their conference and meeting rooms. The reason for this technology is that most environments have what’s referred to as a mixed environment. This means there is a vast array of end-users and a variety of devices, including Computers, LCD Displays, Projectors, Cameras, Phones, and Tablets. 


BZB Gear is thrilled to unveil a new product in their comprehensive catalog of budget-friend audiovisual solutions. Introducing the BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT, a high-performance 5×1 Collaboration Presentation Switcher. Meeting attendees can now bring in their tablets, laptops, and smartphones and connect effortlessly without worrying about the technical difficulty. In addition, our guys at BZB Express TV filmed a full review of the BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT. The video is below.


Collaboration Presentation Switcher


The BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT is the ideal gadget that features support for 5-Inputs, including 3-HDMI 2.0b ports, 1 VGA (YPbPr/CVBS), and 1-DisplayPort, with perfect scaling to the HDBaseT and mirrored HDMI outputs. The HDBaseT output is capable of sending the Video Signal up to the included Receiver (RX) up to 130ft@4k and 230ft@1080P. All inputs are manageable via a web user interface in the subject of the resolution, whether you are using a single or dual display. 

Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Take Control


The front panel of the BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT is a sleek touch panel that offers impressive feedback. The unit also includes a handy remote via IR for added convenience. Additionally, there is an RS232 port for control and easy configuration.

Collaboration Presentation Switcher

Volumize The Room


Additional options include 5-STEREO analog Inputs for unbalanced audio, MIC In, and a line out. These audio features are fantastic for allowing you to play sounds or music over the selected HDMI port. Also, the audio processor offers an auto-mixer and auto gain control to mix or reduce background sound to amplify primary audio sources. 




The BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT offers outstanding picture and fast switching time that is very responsive. This unit is an excellent addition for a small-to-medium-sized meeting space for any business. It’s critical to get everyone involved during collaboration or conference, and some people are just more comfortable referencing their work from their mobile devices. The BZ-SC-51UHD-HDBT Collaboration Presentation Switcher allows your counterparts to connect with ease for maximum efficiency.

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