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Modern Video Wall System Magnifies Any Atmosphere | BG-UHD-VWP-1×4

What pops to mind when you think of a video wall system? On the surface, a video wall is a group of screens, TVs, and projectors that tile together to form one large image. While a massive display made up of multiple screens seizes all the attention, it’s only a part of the solution.

Have you ever wondered how all the screens can form one large image? How do those TVs communicate with each other? How can you control what appears on the huge screen? Our team at BZB Express TV cover the features, benefits, and ideal applications of the BG-UHD-VWP-1×4 video wall system.

Affordable Video Wall System

With BZBGEAR’s new BG-UHD-VWP-1×4 video wall system, easily create and display high-quality resolutions from video sources delivering 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) in a single 1×1 image or divide the images into an array of layout including 2×2, 1×3 and 1×4 with individual propagation and rotation capabilities.

Connect the unit to the network via the LAN port and utilize the simple software program installed on an included USB drive to setup and configure the layouts for the BG-UHD-VWP-1×4. Conveniently save Image parameters and layouts automatically in the flash memory of the device, which is recallable for later use. Also, this unit provides audio de-embedding of the video source using the RCA outputs. It’s perfect for distributed audio systems or active speakers.

video wall system

Another benefit is the embedded scaler that converts signals from the HDMI/DisplayPort source. The BG-UHD-VWP-1×4 will match the native resolution of flat panel displays, monitors, projectors as well as user-selectable output settings up to WUXGA (1920×1200). This device is controllable using the USB port, front panel, Ethernet, IR remote control and cloud control using an encrypted communication via a web platform.

There are a variety of environments and applications for the BG-UHD-VWP-1×4 video wall processor. It’s ideal for digital signage for businesses, control rooms, shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums, schools, and government facilities. Swing by to chat online, email, or call 888.660.2962 for a thorough consultation with our AV experts.